Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) Program Assistance Listing Number 84.358A

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Under the Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) program, Assistance Listing Number 8 4. 358A, the U. S. Department of Education (Department) awards grants on a formula basis to eligible local educational agencies (LEAs) to address the unique needs of rural school districts.

In this notice, we establish the deadline and describe the submission procedures for fiscal year (FY) 2021 SRSA grant applications.

This notice relates to the approved information collection under OMB control number 1810-064 6. All LEAs eligible for FY 2021 SRSA funds must submit an application electronically via the process described in this notice by the deadline in this notice.

Assistance Listing Number 8 4. 358A.
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Rural Education

Department of Education

Agency: Department of Education

Office: Department of Education

Estimated Funding: $93,920,000

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for Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) Program Assistance Listing Number 84.358A; Application Deadline for Fiscal Year 2021

Additional Information of Eligibility:

PROGRAM AUTHORITY AND ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION Under what statutory authority will FY 2021 SRSA grant awards be made? The FY 2021 SRSA grant awards will be made under title V, part B, subpart 1 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended (ESEA).

Which LEAs are eligible for an award under the SRSA program? For FY 2021, an LEA (including a public charter school that meets the definition of LEA in section 8101(30) of the ESEA) is eligible for an award under the SRSA program if it meets both the criteria below: (a) The total number of students in average daily attendance at all of the schools served by the LEA is fewer than 600; or each county in which a school served by the LEA is located has a total population density of fewer than 10 persons per square mile; and (b) All of the schools served by the LEA are designated with a school locale code of 41, 42, or 43 by the Department’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) or the Secretary has determined, based on a demonstration by the LEA and concurrence of the State educational agency, that the LEA is located in an area defined as rural by a governmental agency of the State.

The Department provides an eligibility spreadsheet containing each LEA eligible for FY 2021 SRSA grant funds, which is available on the Department’s website at:

If an LEA on the Department’s list of LEAs eligible to receive an FY 2021 SRSA award will close prior to the 2021-2022 school year, that LEA is no longer eligible to receive an FY 2021 SRSA award and should not apply.

Note: The “Choice of Participation” provision under section 5225 of the ESEA gives an LEA eligible for both SRSA and the Rural and Low-Income School (RLIS) program authorized under title V, part B, subpart 2 of the ESEA the option to participate in either the SRSA program or the RLIS program.

An LEA eligible for both SRSA and RLIS is henceforth referred to as a “dual-eligible LEA.” Which eligible LEAs must submit an application to receive an FY 2021 SRSA grant award?

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