Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE): Native American Career and Technical Education Program (NACTEP) CFDA Number 84.101A

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Purpose of Program:
NACTEP provides grants to improve career and technical education (CTE) programs that are consistent with the purposes of the Carl D.

Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (the Act) and that benefit Native Americans and Alaska Natives.

This notice invites applications for a NACTEP competition that implements section 116 of the Act, enacted August 12, 200 6. Section 116 of the Act authorizes the Secretary to award grants to, or enter into cooperative agreements or contracts with, Indian Tribes, Tribal organizations, and Alaska Native entities to operate CTE projects that improve CTE for Native American and Alaska Native students.

Under section 116 of the Act, Bureau-funded schools (as defined in this notice) proposing to fund secondary programs are not eligible to receive an award directly from the Secretary.

However, an Indian Tribe, Tribal organization, Alaska Native entity, or Bureau-funded school may use its award to assist a secondary school operated or supported by the U. S. Department of the Interior to carry out CTE programs.

A Bureau-funded school that is not proposing a secondary program is eligible for assistance under NACTEP.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number 8 4. 101A.

We are participating as a partner in the Governmentwide Apply site.

NACTEP, CFDA number 8 4. 101A, is included in this project.

We request your participation in

If you choose to submit your application electronically, you must use the Governmentwide Apply site at

You may not email an electronic copy of a grant application to us.

A applicant must apply online using Workspace, a shared environment where members of a grant team may simultaneously access and edit different webforms within an application.

An applicant can create an individual Workspace for each application notice and, thus, establish for that application a collaborative application package that allows more than one person in the applicant's organization to work concurrently on an application.

The applicant can, thus, assign other users to participate in the Workspace.

The system also enables the applicant to reuse forms from previous submissions; check them in and out and complete them; and submit its application package.

For access to complete instructions on how to apply, refer to:

You may access the electronic grant application for NACTEP at

You must search for the downloadable application package for this competition by the CFDA number.

Do not include the CFDA number's alpha suffix in your search (e.g., search for 8 4. 101, not 8 4. 101A).
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Department of Education

Agency: Department of Education

Office: Department of Education

Estimated Funding: $13,764,000

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE): Native American Career and Technical Education Program (NACTEP) CFDA Number 84.101A; Notice inviting applications for new awards for fiscal year (FY) 2018

Additional Information of Eligibility:

Eligible Applicants: (a) The following entities are eligible to apply under this competition: (1) A federally recognized Indian Tribe.

(2) A Tribal organization.

(3) An Alaska Native entity.

(4) A Bureau-funded school, except for a Bureau-funded school proposing to use its award to support secondary school CTE programs.

(b) Any Tribe, Tribal organization, Alaska Native entity, or eligible Bureau-funded school may apply individually or as part of a consortium with one or more eligible Tribes, Tribal organizations, Alaska Native entities, or eligible Bureau-funded schools.

(Eligible applicants seeking to apply for funds as a consortium must meet the requirements in 34 CFR 75.127-75.129, which apply to group applications.)

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