Office of Native American Training and Technical Assistance (ONAP-TTA)

The purpose of the ONAP T&TA program is to provide training and technical assistance to tribes/TDHEs that are eligible to receive an IHBG and IHBG subrecipients, as well to DHHL and NHHBG subrecipients (collectively “T&TA beneficiaries”).

This ONAP T&TA will be centrally managed by HUD Headquarters


with extensive involvement of the Area ONAPs.

Awards under this NOFA will be made to T&TA providers with a broad range of skills and expertise as well as T&TA providers with more focused or targeted skills and expertise.

Selected ONAP T&TA providers will work collaboratively in teams often with other providers and with ONAP staff, and will be deployed as HUD deems necessary across the country to achieve the objectives.

HUD is interested in funding a mix of the type of providers that will provide T&TA in a cost effective manner.

Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development

Office: None

Estimated Funding: $4,568,107

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Application and Instructions download using CFDA Number ONLY.

Additional Information of Eligibility:
There are three categories to this NOFA and several types of entities eligible to apply for each category.


Category One.

Up to $2,000,000 is available to national and regional nonprofit organizations representing Native American housing interests to provide T&TA to Indian tribes and tribally designated housing entities (TDHEs) (and subrecipients) eligible to receive an Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) pursuant to the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996 (NAHASDA) (25 U.S.C.

4111 et seq.), (Category One).

“Representing Native American housing interests” requires an applicant to demonstrate that the organization’s primary objective is to serve Native Americans.


Category Two.

Up to $2,000,000 is available to national and regional nonprofit organizations and for-profit entities with experience representing Native American housing interests to provide T&TA to tribes/TDHEs (and subrecipients) eligible to receive an IHBG (Category Two).


Category Three.

Up to $568,107 is available to national and regional nonprofit organizations, as well as for-profit entities to provide T&TA to the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL) and subrecipients of Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant (NHHBG) funds pursuant to Title VIII of NAHASDA (Category Three).

Tribes/TDHEs and their subrecipients and DHHL and its subrecipients eligible to receive assistance provided by T&TA providers under this NOFA are collectively referred to as “T&TA beneficiaries” throughout the NOFA.

The following chart details each T&TA category and the approximate funding available.

Full Opportunity Web Address:

Mike Andrews, Director of ONAP Operations

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