Fair Housing Initiative Program - Fair Housing Organization Initiative

The Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP) provides funding to fair housing organizations and other non-profits that assist individuals who believe that they have been victims of housing discrimination.

Currently FHIP provides funds to eligible organizations through competitive grants under several


initiatives to carry out enforcement activities to prevent or eliminate discriminatory housing practices and inform individuals of their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.

The Initiatives are:
the Fair Housing Organizations Initiative (FHOI), Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI) and the Education and Outreach Initiative (EOI).

In addition, consistent with FY 2022 HUD appropriations directives, FHEO is publishing a separate NOFO for EOI-Tester Coordinator Training.

This FHOI NOFO makes available $ 1. 825 million under the Continued Development Component (CDC) and $ 1. 875 million under the Establishing New Organizations Component (ENOC).

The CDC component provides funds to non-profit fair housing organizations to build their capacity and effectiveness to conduct enforcement related activities eligible for funding such as :
investigating discrimination allegations based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expanding testing expertise and experience in mortgage lending discrimination or appraisal bias.

The ENOC provides funds to Qualified Fair Housing Enforcement Organizations (QFHOs) (“sponsoring organizations”) to establish new, separate organizations (“sponsored organizations”) to engage in fair housing work, particularly in areas of the country which are currently unserved or underserved by fair housing enforcement organizations.

Eligible activities under the ENOC are those that establish a single organization to become a viable regional/local fair housing enforcement organization that will conduct testing and other fair housing enforcement-related activities.

This NOFO will receive applications for the FHOI NOFO only.

Please see the specific PEI and EOI NOFOs for the additional FHIP funding opportunities.

Related Programs

Fair Housing Organizaiton Initiatives

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development

Office: Department of Housing and Urban Development

Estimated Funding: $3,700,000

Who's Eligible

Relevant Nonprofit Program Categories

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Additional Information of Eligibility:
Eligible applicants under the Continued Development Component (CDC) are Qualified Fair Housing Enforcement Organizations (QFHOs), Fair Housing Enforcement Organizations (FHOs), and other private nonprofit organizations seeking to build their capacity to conduct fair housing enforcement activities.

All applicants are required to complete Appendix B, FHOI Eligibility Certification and submit it as a part of their application.    Eligible applicants for the Establishing New Organizations Component (ENOC) are QFHOs  that are sponsoring the creation of a new organization to conduct fair housing enforcement activities in areas of the country which are currently unserved or underserved .  As a threshold requirement for FHOI-ENOC, the ENOC-sponsored organization is not eligible for additional funding under PEI until it becomes a QFHO or FHO.  However, the ENOC sponsored organization is eligible to apply for additional EOI or Continued Development funding.

Individuals, foreign entities, and sole proprietorship organizations are not eligible to compete for, or receive, awards made under this announcement.

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