Fair Housing Initiatives Program Private Enforcement Initiative

The Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP) funds fair housing organizations and other non-profits that assist individuals who believe that they have been victims of housing discrimination.

FHIP provides funds to eligible organizations through competitive grants under several initiatives to carry


out enforcement activities to prevent or eliminate discriminatory housing practices and inform individuals of their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.

The Initiatives are:
the Fair Housing Organization Initiative (FHOI), the Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI), and the Education and Outreach Initiative (EOI).

In addition, consistent with HUD appropriations directives, FHEO is publishing a separate NOFO for Tester Coordinator Training under the Education and Outreach Initiative.

PEI provides funding to private, non-profit fair housing enforcement organizations that meet statutory requirements to conduct testing, investigate violations and obtain enforcement of the rights granted under the Fair Housing Act or State or local laws that are substantially equivalent to the rights and remedies provided in the Fair Housing Act.

This NOFO announces the availability of $15,000,000 through the PEI Multi-Year Funding Component to fund new FY2022 grant awards.

The PEI Multi-Year Component provides grants of up to $425,000 per year per grantee for a three-year duration, with future years’ funding subject to appropriations.

This NOFO will receive applications for PEI only.

Please see the specific FHOI and EOI NOFOs for the additional FHIP funding opportunities.

Related Programs

Private Enforcement Initiatives

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development

Office: Department of Housing and Urban Development

Estimated Funding: $15,000,000

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Under this NOFO, an eligible applicant must be: (1) a Qualified Fair Housing Enforcement Organizations (QFHO) with at least two years of experience in complaint intake, complaint investigation, testing for fair housing violations, and enforcement related experience and meritorious claims in the three years prior to filing this application; or (2) a Fair Housing Enforcement Organizations (FHO) with at least one year of experience in the enforcement-related activities listed above in the two years prior to the filing of the application.

If the applicant is neither a QFHO nor a FHO with the requisite experience, the organization is ineligible.

Both FHOs and QFHOs must currently conduct these enforcement activities and operate a full- service program.

Applicants must complete Appendix B, "Certification for PEI Applicants," to confirm QFHO or FHO status.

If an organization does not currently have sufficient experience to qualify as a FHO or QFHO (see 24 CFR §§ 125.103 and 125.401), the organization may be eligible to apply under FHIP's Education and Outreach Initiative (FR-6600-21-A), Tester Coordinator Training (FR-6600-71-A), and/or Fair Housing Organizations Initiative (FR-6600-21-B) NOFOs.

Please see the correct NOFO for specific eligibility requirements.  If an applicant applies for both a PEI and FHOI Continuing Development Component (CDC) and receives an award for both, funding for the FHOI CDC will be rescinded if a determination is made that the activities for both awards are exactly alike or similar.

Applicants must submit a separate application for each FHIP Initiative/component.

Individuals, foreign entities, and sole proprietorship organizations are not eligible to compete for, or receive, awards made under this announcement.

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Department of Housing and Urban Development

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