Effective Absentee Systems for Elections 3.0

The purpose of the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) grant program is to receive proposals that will fulfill a public purpose of support by improving the voting experience of UOCAVA voters, reduce voting impediments faced by them, and stimulate the development of innovative approaches to absentee


voting by UOCAVA voters.

FVAP identifies the following objective for this funding opportunity:
Provide research data to advance FVAP’s electronic absentee voting support responsibilities for states and UOCAVA voters.

Electronic absentee voting system research, development, testing, and evaluation are to collect and present data that can show cost-effective methods that:
· Establish and operate successful, sustainable and affordable electronic tools that will improve voting systems for voters protected by UOCAVA.

These systems include improved electronic transmission of outbound ballots sent from election offices to voters, tracking of outbound mailed ballots, and use of digital signature verification like the Department of Defense Common Access Card on election documents.

· Increase the percentage of ballots successfully returned by UOCAVA voters.

· Reduce the failure rates for UOCAVA voters experienced during stages of the absentee voting process (voter registration, absentee ballot request, blank absentee ballot delivery, absentee ballot marking, absentee ballot tabulation, and absentee ballot return verification).

The standard is to reduce the gap in failure rates compared to levels of the general electorate for similar stages in the voting process, and for similar demographic populations.

· Establish and maintain a pipeline of ideas, techniques, and best practices of election officials and the services they provide for UOCAVA voters.

Grant funds cannot be used for the electronic return of completed ballots to election offices.

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