AK-21-04: Bowhead Whale Migration Patterns along the Alaskan Beaufort Shelf During a Period of Rapid Environmental Change

Evolving environmental conditions on the Beaufort Shelf appear to be changing the utilization of the shelf by bowhead whales and the bowhead whale migration path may be shifting farther offshore.

This study will examine recent ecosystem changes in the Beaufort Sea and how they may be influencing

bowhead whale migration patterns.

The study will provide new basic information on hydrography, circulation, and zooplankton prey fields encountered by migrating bowhead whales to improve understanding of the recent behavioral changes of the whales.

Specific objectives include:
Quantifying the biological and physical environments in the western and central portions of the Beaufort shelf, including upwelling induced introduction of krill through shelf-edge depressions.

Assessing the linkages between environmental conditions and physical drivers at local and regional scales.

Examining longer-term trends and evaluate whether recent conditions on the Beaufort Shelf will occur more frequently.
Agency: Department of the Interior

Office: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Estimated Funding: $3,000,000

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Additional Information of Eligibility:
The specific project identified in Section A2 is intended for eligible applicants identified through the following Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units: 1.

Alaska, 2.

North Atlantic Coast, and 3.

Pacific Northwest (http://www.cesu.psu.edu).

However, cooperative research (establishment of teams) is encouraged and the applicant may include subcontracts to non-profit organizations, private institutions of higher education, private companies or public and state controlled institutions of higher education within their proposal.

This research project is required to have a staff member of the applying organization as the Principal Investigator (PI).

Cooperative research between interested organizations - i.e., state agencies, public universities, and non-profits in affected states - is always encouraged.

Federal entities as partners are allowed, however the tasks performed by the Federal partner and the associated budget must be presented separately by the Federal partner.

Other non-federal organizations may be partners and their tasks and budgets should be included in the non-profit&#8217;s proposal.

All questions regarding this project, including eligibility, should be directed only to the &#8220;Program Announcement and Cooperative Agreement Questions&#8221; point-of-contact listed in Section G.

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