ROA 2009: A.4 Supersonics Project (SUP1) (Recovery Act)

The Supersonics Project is aligned with the ARMD principles of maintaining intellectualstewardship of aeronautical core competencies for the nation in the supersonic flightregime and of focusing research in areas that are appropriate to NASA’s uniquecapabilities.

The Project supports the Fundamental


Aeronautics Program strategy ofdeveloping systems level multidisciplinary capabilities for supersonic civilian andmilitary applications.The Supersonics Project is a broad-based effort designed to develop knowledge,capabilities and technologies that support vehicles that fly in the supersonic speed regimewith a focus on eliminating the efficiency, environmental and performance barriers topractical supersonic cruise vehicles.

The Project has identified a set of key TechnicalChallenges that are barriers to success for this vehicle type.

These are:Efficiency ChallengesSupersonic Cruise EfficiencyLight Weight, Durable Airframes and Engines for Supersonic CruiseTemperatures• Environmental ChallengesAirport Noise ReductionSonic Boom ModelingHigh Altitude Emissions Reduction• Performance ChallengesAero-Propulso-Servo-Elastic (APSE) Analysis and Design• Multidisciplinary Design, Analysis and Optimization Challenges(Understanding and exploiting the interactions of all these supersonictechnology challenges is the key to the creation of practical design.)Systems Integration, Assessment and Validation• Flight Research & ValidationFlight Validation and Test Technique DevelopmentIn this solicitation, the Supersonics project is seeking proposals in the Sonic BoomModeling Technical Challenge to further investigate Auralization of Sonic BoomsTransmitted into Buildings, Community Response to Low-amplitude Sonic Booms, andSonic Boom Focusing.

For a more detailed overview of the Supersonics project efforts,please refer to:• a more detailed description of the current Supersonics Project tasks and associatedmilestones that are relevant to this NRA solicitation please refer to the followingdocuments under the “Other Documents” section of NSPIRES for this solicitation:• Sonic Boom Modeling Task Plan
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Aeronautics, Recovery Act

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Office: NASA Headquarters

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Peter G. Coen - Principal InvestigatorDr. Louis Povinelli - Project ScientistKestutis C. Civinskas - Project ManagerThomas M. Wallett – Project NRA Manager

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