This notice is seeking responses from potential partners interested in entering into a Cooperative Agreement with NASA for the joint development of technologies to meet MSFC needs as well as those of the partner.

These MSFC technology development projects are sponsored by the Center Associate


Director, Technical, and managed at the George C.

Marshall Space Flight Center, AL.

To minimize unnecessary proposal efforts on the part of proposers, the partnership selection is a two step process that consists of the submission of an initial White Paper to see if the proposed technology development concept appears to meet the needs at Marshall.

For the technology concepts selected among all submitted White Papers, the White Paper will be followed with a request from the Marshall Associate Director, Technical for a Project Proposal.

The White Papers and invited Project Proposals shall be submitted in accordance with the instructions in this announcement and shall meet the project requirements identified.

The projects will be selected based on the criteria described in the following sections of this announcement.

NASA plans to fund projects in the remainder of FY2015 at approximately $20,000 to $100,000 per project with a period of performance up to 12 months.

There is flexibility in these funding levels that is subject to negotiation.

Project awards are contingent upon availability of funds.

The participating partner will contribute at least 50 percent of the total resources necessary to accomplish the effort.

The projects will be joint technology development efforts in the areas indicated in Section 2. 1 that will include collaboration with NASA or NASA support contractor personnel.

NASA expertise and facilities may be available for use in the technology development and demonstration if needed but shall be stipulated in the agreement and negotiated prior to proposal submission.

Under the notice, NASA will award cooperative agreements in accordance with the applicable sections of the NASA Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook (the Handbook) Section D.

The Handbook is available on the Internet at: Under a cooperative agreement, the funding agency will have substantial involvement in, and contribution to, the technical aspects of the effort.

Cooperative agreements differ from grant programs where there is no substantial involvement of the funding agency in monitoring the work or research program.

This type of notice also allows contact with the potential subject matter experts at Marshall Space Flight Center during the CAN open period subject to the limitations set forth in the Handbook.

Particular attention is directed to Section D, §127 4. 203(f).

The agreements officers for this notice are MSFC/PS52, Belinda Triplett ( and MSFC/PS52, Darlene Schmidt (

Please see Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) NNM14521468C for further details.

The CAN can be located at
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Technology Transfer

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Office: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Estimated Funding: Not Available

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This notice seeks responses for technology development partnerships with commercial businesses and/or United States colleges and universities.

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Darlene L F Triplettbelinda.f.triplett@nasa.govNAIS

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