Alaska Native Organization Co-Management Funding Program

The National Marine Fisheries Service (hereinafter, "NMFS") recognizes the unique importance of marine mammals to Alaska Native Organizations (hereinafter, "ANOs") and values ongoing efforts by Alaska Native Tribes and ANOs to conserve and protect subsistence species under NMFS'


Pursuant to 16 U.S.C.

§1388, NMFS may provide Federal assistance to ANOs to conserve marine mammals and to promote co-management of Alaska Native subsistence use of such mammals under NMFS' jurisdiction.

This assistance, provided in the form of cooperative agreements, may be used to support conservation of marine mammals utilized for subsistence purposes by Alaska Natives.

Funded activities may include development and implementation of species management, subsistence harvest monitoring, subsistence harvest sampling, scientific research, and public education and outreach.

Proposed activities should address priority actions identified in an Endangered Species Act Recovery Plan or Marine Mammal Protection Act Conservation Plan where applicable and the priorities identified within this federal funding opportunity.

Tribally-Authorized ANOs with a signed agreement for co-management with NMFS are eligible to apply under this solicitation.

Proposals focusing on marine mammals under the jurisdiction of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service will not be considered for funding under this grant program.

This document describes how to prepare and submit proposals for funding in fiscal year (hereinafter, "FY") 2017 and how NMFS will determine which proposals will be funded.

This announcement should be read in its entirety, as some information has changed from the previous year.

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Estimated Funding: $1,600,000

Who's Eligible

Relevant Nonprofit Program Categories

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Click on the following link to see the full text of the announcement for this funding opportunity.

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Eligible ANO applicants must have an existing marine mammal agreement for co-management with NMFS and be in "good standing" with NMFS.

An applicant is considered to be in "good standing" if the ANO meets the following criteria: 1) No pending enforcement actions under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) or the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

2) Progress and financial reports on current Federal assistance awards are up-to-date and/or completed in a timely manner.

3) Satisfactory past performance.

This includes completion of proposed projects and objectives in a timely manner and as stated in previous proposals.

Unsatisfactory performance under prior or current Federal awards, including delinquency in submitting progress and financial reports, or failure to complete products and meet proposal objectives and tasks within the project period, may result in proposals not being considered for funding or affect the final funding recommendation under the 2017 Alaska Native Co-Management Funding Program.

4) Ability to operate within the purpose and goals described within the agreement for co- management with NMFS.

ANOs meeting the eligibility criteria above may choose to apply under another entity acting as a fiscal agent for the ANO, provided the application contains a thorough description of the relationship between the ANO and the fiscal agent entity and the responsibilities undertaken by each party.

The ANO will be the lead entity/organization as named in the application.

Any ANO not holding an existing agreement for co-management with NMFS may collaborate with and apply as a sub-recipient under an eligible applicant (i.e., another ANO) for this program.

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