NOAA Cooperative Institute to expand Understanding of the Earth as it Relates to Atmospheric Processes and Trends, Climate Variability and Change, Stratospheric Ozone, Weather Prediction, Air Quality, Geodynamics, Space Weather and the Water Cycle

The NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) invites applications for the establishment of a Cooperative Institute (CI) to help meet NOAAs strategic goals in the areas of Climate Adaptation and Mitigation and Weather Ready Nation, as well as the underpinning Science & Technology and


NOAA Engagement enterprise objectives.

The proposed CI will collaborate with NOAA scientists to improve understanding of climate variability and change, stratospheric ozone, weather, and space weather processes and impacts; improve air quality and weather forecasts and climate prediction; develop advanced observation and modeling techniques to aid in research, forecasts and predictions; advance understanding and usefulness of current and cutting-edge information technology systems; develop and implement a paleoclimate research and modeling capability; and enhance environmental literacy to improve the public's capability for making scientifically-informed environmental decisions.

The CI will be established at a research institution not only having outstanding graduate degree programs in NOAA-related sciences, but also located within a daily commuting distance to the NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) facilities in Boulder, Colorado.

The CI will provide significant coordination of resources among all non-governmental partners and will promote the involvement of students and post-doctoral scientists in NOAA-funded research.

If the CI is comprised of multiple supporting academic institutions, only the lead institution applying for the award and where the CI will be established must satisfy the daily commuting distance requirement.

CIs conduct research under approved scientific research themes and Tasks (additional tasks may be proposed by the CI):

Task I.

Task I activities are related to the management of the CI, as well as general education and outreach activities.

This task also includes support of postdoctoral and visiting scientists conducting research that is approved by the CI Director in consultation with NOAA, and is relevant to NOAA and the CI's mission goals.


Task II.

Task II activities usually involve on-going direct collaboration with NOAA scientists.

This collaboration typically is fostered by the collocation of federal and CI employees.


Task III.

Task III activities require minimal collaboration with NOAA scientists and may include research funded by other NOAA competitive grant programs.

Description of the activities comprising Tasks I - III may not be altered without specific written approval of the OAR Program Director.

Applications must address these tasks as drafted.

Agency: Department of Commerce


Estimated Funding: $32,000,000

Who's Eligible

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Eligibility is limited to public and private non-profit universities, colleges and research institutions that offer accredited graduate level degree-granting programs in NOAA-related sciences and that are within a daily commuting distance to the NOAA facilities in Boulder, Colorado.

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