Appalachian Trail Resource Management (FY2017)

This announcement is not a request for applications.

This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Park Service’s intention to award a task agreement under a previously single source justified master cooperative agreement.

Specifically, ATC agrees to:

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Collaborate with NPS on the development of common goals and objectives for resource management programs.

This will include a multi-day resource management retreat with NPS staff, periodic conference calls, and other communications.

2. Plan and conduct volunteer training workshops for resource management including, but not limited to, rare plant monitoring, invasive species, and phenology monitoring programs.

3. Seek opportunities to collaborate with partners to foster ongoing and potential research and monitoring projects affecting the Appalachian Trail.

4. Coordinate the rare plant monitoring program with volunteers and partners to monitor and report priority occurrences and assist with the implementation of new rare plant monitoring and reporting protocols.

Identify threats to rare plants through monitoring and report finding to the appropriate land management agency.

Compile and review rare plant monitoring reports from volunteers and enter monitoring data into a MS Excel spreadsheet to be submitted to NPS and the appropriate land managing agency.

Review and improve locations of rare plant geospatial data.

5. Continue implementation of a phenology monitoring program by establishing and monitoring phenology monitoring sites near the Trail.

Conduct interpretive programs to raise awareness at appropriate Trail-related meetings, events and trainings, and facilitate collaboration with volunteers, partners, and other organizations to increase awareness and participation in phenology monitoring on the A.T.

6. Conduct invasive species inventories of 15% annually of priority areas (as defined by geospatial analysis), engage in control and restoration efforts, and ensure inventory and control efforts are consistent with Trail-wide protocols and support overall program goals.

Compile, edit and submit finalized invasive inventory and control data to NPS.

Coordinate and confirm environmental compliance has been done to allow restoration or any vegetation management projects to move forward.

7. Work with NPS and other partners to promote the inventory, assessment, and preservation of visual resources.

Continue to participate in the NPS-sponsored “Enjoy the View” initiative and work to establish an A.T.

visual resources working group.

8. Assist in the environmental review of trail rehabilitation and construction projects on the A.T.

and provide guidance to clubs/volunteers on Natural Resource Priority Zones.

9. Purchase materials, supplies, and equipment necessary to complete resource management tasks, including data collection devices and related peripherals.

1 0. Disseminate information about A.T.

related resources through e-newsletters, AT Journeys magazine, The Register newsletter, and other communication channels.

1 1. Provide project oversight and field support for the NPS Exotic Plant Management Program-funded treatment of exotic plant species at the Day Mountain Natural Heritage Area.

1 2. Work with NPS and other stakeholders to promote large landscape conservation through the Appalachian Trail Landscape Partnership.

1 3. Document volunteer contributions for all resource management related projects on the A.T.

1 4. Prepare quarterly budget reports on all regional resource management activities and complete a year-end comprehensive narrative activities report and comprehensive budget report to be submitted to NPS.
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This announcement is not a request for applications.

This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Park Service’s intention to award a task agreement under a previously single source justified master cooperative agreement.

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