Conservation Intern for Interpretation in Copper Center, AK

NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD This announcement is not a request for applications.

This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Park Service’s intention to award a task agreement under a previously competed or single source

justified master cooperative agreement.

ABSTRACT Funding Announcement Number NPS-DOIP18AC00225 Project Title Conservation Intern for Interpretation in Copper Center, AK Recipient Student Conservation Association Anticipated Federal Funding $29,07 0. 11 Non-federal Cost Share 9,69 0. 04 Anticipated Period of Performance 4/30/218 – 8/19/2018 Award Instrument Task Agreement Statutory Authority 16 USC 1723 (c), CFDA # and Title 1 5. 931 ARTICLE I – BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Cooperative Agreement Number P15AC00031 was entered into by and between the Department of the Interior, National Park Service, (NPS), and The Student Conservation Association (SCA)for the purpose of placing high school and college-aged individuals or other qualified person who volunteer their services through SCA in exchange for training and education experience in various fields of resource management and conservation programs.

Unless otherwise specified herein, the terms and conditions as stated in the Cooperative Agreement will apply to this Task Agreement.

The objective of this Task Agreement is to support and stimulate work and/or education and training opportunities for young adults through collaborative participation in Wrangell-St.

Elias National Park & Preserve’s Division of Interpretation & Education.

16 USC 1723 (c), Public Lands Corp, authorizes the Secretary to enter into contracts and cooperative agreements with any qualified youth or conservation corps to perform appropriate conservation projects referred to in subsection (d) of section 172 3. The Secretary may also authorize appropriate conservation projects and other appropriate projects to be carried out on Federal, State.

Local and private lands as part of disaster prevention or relief efforts in response to an emergency or major disaster declared by the President under the Robert T.

Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C.

5121 et seq.).

Unless otherwise specified herein, all terms and conditions as stated in the master cooperative agreement will apply to this task agreement.


Project Goals – A broad statement of what is to be accomplished.

Goals focus on the big picture of the project.

The goal of this project is to provide youth training and experience as an intern for Interpretation and Visitor Services at Wrangell-St.

Elias National Park & Preserve.

They will provide information and orientation, trip-planning assistance, and interpretive programming.

By providing interpretive programs for the public, the intern will expand their own learning by exercising leadership and public speaking skills.

The project provides interns with a real and meaningful experience in working for the National Park Service.

Youth interns will develop an understanding and appreciation of national parks.

Interns will be exposed to the National Park Service and its ethics in the protection of the nation’s natural, historical, and cultural heritage.

This will also allow visitors to understand, connect, and explore our park and preserve in a more meaningful way.


Project Objectives – The expected end result of the project.

Objectives are steps towards accomplishing the goals.

This project will provide the funding to hire a youth intern to aid in the presentation of interpretive programs at Wrangell-St.

Elias National Park & Preserve.

The intern will be recruited through the Student Conservation Association (SCA), which is a critical partner to the NPS in providing highly motivated interns.

The intern will be provided with training and tools to research, create, and conduct interpretive programs.

The intern will be presenting guided walks, talks, demonstrations, and evening programs, with coaching and mentoring from a supervisor.

The intern will be roving park trails to contact visitors and to maintain and protect essential park resources.

He/she will be provided instruction on environmental education, junior rangers, and posting to the park’s social media sites.

At the end of the summer, the intern will have been given enough training and experience to be able to pursue a paid position in the National Park Service.

ARTICE III – PUBLIC PURPOSE The objective of this Task Agreement is to support and stimulate work and/or education and training opportunities for young adults through collaborative participation in Wrangell-St.

Elias National Park & Preserve’s Division of Interpretation & Education.

ARTICLE IV – STATEMENT OF WORK The project to be carried out is to develop interpretive and educational programs on the natural and cultural conservation efforts at Wrangell-St.

Elias National Park & Preserve This position will facilitate visitor understanding of the park, enjoyment of park resources, and educate visitors on behavior consistent with resource protection.

This will allow friendly compliance with the laws and regulations for safe park use, and to encourage visitors to develop a sense of stewardship for park resources.

To achieve this, the SCA interpretive interns will engage in:
• Research cultural, historical and natural resources of the park.

• Utilize pre-existing program outlines to develop interpretive and educational based programs.

• Develop programs based on the parks conservation projects.

• Present programs based on the parks significant statements (park themes).

• Conduct activities; walks, talks, evening programs, educate visitors on outreach programs, youth programming, junior ranger programming or special events.

• Collaborate with all staff to develop education products and publications including brochures, bulletin boards, maps, guides, waysides, exhibit panels.

• Understand and utilize the concepts of informal and formal interpretation.

• Understand and use appropriate interpretive and educational theory in researching, developing and presenting programs.

• Incorporate safety messages into educational programming and products.

• Incorporate resource protection messages into educational programming and products.


SCA agrees to:
1. To assist with recruitment and selection of SCA Interpretive Interns for WRST to participate in the project described in Article II of this document.

2. To provide transportation to and from Wrangell-St.

Elias National Park & Preserve and subsistence during the period of performance.

3. To provide a living allowance, assurance and AmeriCorps awards (when applicable).

4. Provide 24/7 staffed hotline assistance, site visit and performance evaluations B.

NPS agrees to:
1. To provide financial assistance in the amount of $29,07 0. 11 2. To provide general orientations to park operations, NPS mission and safety training.

3. Will provide safety training for proper use of operating a government vehicle and ATV.

4. To provide a NPS technical representative to be on-site with the SCA volunteers to assist with specifics of the project as needed.

5. To provide housing for SCA volunteers.

6. A written completion evaluation for WRST per project evaluating the outcome and SCA’s performance on that project.


Both Parties agree:
1. That no change in financial assistance amount, term of project, SCA participant (including backfilling), or any other provision of the task agreement shall take place without the execution of a written modification documenting the change(s) signed by the Agreements Officer.

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Department of the Interior

Agency: Department of the Interior

Office: National Park Service

Estimated Funding: $29,071

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Additional Information of Eligibility:
It is important to note that the eligibility requirements are different for Head Start and Early Head Start.

More information is provided in the funding opportunity announcement.

ENTITIES APPLYING FOR HEAD START ONLY - OR - BOTH HEAD START AND EARLY HEAD START: Eligible applicants are limited to local public or private non-profit agencies, including community-based and faith-based organizations, or local for-profit agencies, pursuant to Section 641(a)(1) of the Head Start Act, 42 U.S.C.

§ 9836(a)(1) in the service area, that can provide Head Start services to children and families residing in the service area.

Applicants must demonstrate they meet the statutory requirement for designation as a Head Start and/or Early Head Start agency as defined in the Head Start Act.

ENTITIES APPLYING FOR EARLY HEAD START ONLY: Eligible applicants are any public or private non-profit agency, including community-based and faith-based organizations, or for-profit agencies pursuant to Section 645A(d) of the Head Start Act, 42 U.S.C.

§ 9840A(d).

Eligibility is limited to public or private non-profit organizations, including faith-based organizations or for-profit organizations in the service area that can provide Early Head Start services to children and families residing in the service area.

Entities operating Head Start programs are eligible to operate Early Head Start programs.

Faith-based and community organizations that meet the eligibility requirements are eligible to receive awards under this funding opportunity announcement.

Faith-based organizations are encouraged to review the ACF Policy on Grants to Faith-Based Organizations at:

Individuals, foreign entities, and sole proprietorship organizations are not eligible to compete for, or receive, awards made under this announcement.

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