Acquisition of Digital Elevation Data and Orthophotos for the Green and Colorado River Corridors, Canyonlands National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD This Funding Announcement is not a request for applications.

This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Park Service¿s intention to fund the following project activities without full and open competition.

ABSTRACT Funding Announcement P14AS0228

Project Title Acquisition of Digital Elevation Data and Orthophotos for the Green and Colorado River Corridors, Canyonlands National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Recipient Utah Department of Natural Resources, Utah Geological Survey Principle Investigator / Program Manager Dr. Richard Allis Total Anticipated Award Amount `$159,60 0. 00 Cost Share None New Award or Continuation? Continuation of Cooperative Agreement P13AC00601 Anticipated Length of Agreement From Date of Award until 9/30/2016 Anticipated Period of Performance From Date of Award until 9/30/2016 Award Instrument Cooperative Agreement Statutory Authority 16 USC 1(g) CFDA # and Title 1 5. 944 Natural Resources Stewardship Single Source Justification Criteria Cited (2) Continuation NPS Point of Contact June Zastrow 303-987-6718 OVERVIEW Cooperative Agreement Number P13AC00601 was entered into by and between the Department of the Interior, National Park Service (NPS), and the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Utah Geological Survey (UGS) for the purpose of collaborating on research, inventory and monitoring, resource assessments, and public education and outreach projects in units of the National Park System in the State of Utah.

Unless otherwise specified herein, the terms and conditions as stated in the Cooperative Agreement will apply to this Task Agreement.

In southeastern Utah, Canyonlands National Park (CANY) and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (GLCA) protects the confluence, significant reaches (approximately 133 river miles), and associated ecosystems of the Green and Colorado Rivers.

The rivers and their many resource values are nationally significant and experienced by thousands of visitors every year.

To better understand the natural characteristics and dynamics of the Green and Colorado Rivers, NPS proposes to collaborate with the State of Utah in a project to acquire high-resolution digital elevation data (LiDAR data) for extensive segments of the two rivers.

Specifically, NPS funding provided through this task agreement will expand the scope of a State-funded LiDAR acquisition project for river segments upstream of Canyonlands to include river segments within CANY and GLCA.

In addition, NPS proposes through this task agreement to further expand the scope of data acquisition to include digital orthophotos for the river segments within CANY and GLCA.

For NPS, objectives of this collaborative data acquisition project is to (1) establish baseline high-resolution topography for fluvial geomorphic surfaces within and adjacent to the active channels of the Green and Colorado Rivers (including tributary mouths and floodplains); (2) establish high-resolution topography for the aprons of debris flows associated with rapids in Cataract Canyon; and (3) characterize the structure and composition of riparian vegetation along the river corridors.

This data will be used by to support research and monitoring activities that examine past, current, and potential future dynamics of the rivers in relation to changing flow and sediment regimes.

Through this collaboration between NPS and the State of Utah, the expanded project will provide a more comprehensive base of information for understanding river characteristics and geologic hazards and will result in significant cost savings to both partners through the sharing of fixed costs for project mobilization.

RECIPIENT INVOLVEMENT 1. Complete the work outlined in the attached detailed scope of work, subcontracting tasks to other State agencies or external contractors as necessary to ensure project completion.

2. Collaborate with NPS Technical Coordinators in establishing and refining the technical specifications and scope of the project and associated contracts.

3. Maintain frequent contact with the NPS Agreements Technical Representative (ATR) throughout the duration of this project.

4. Notify the NPS ATR within 15 working days of any objective due date, for any problems or delays in meeting the due date.

5. Provide deliverables as described in the Scope of Work.

(Attachment A) NATIONAL PARK SERVICE INVOLVEMENT Substantial involvement on the part the National Park Service is anticipated for the successful completion of the objectives to be funded by this award.

In particular, the National Park Service will be responsible for the following:
1. Provide funding for work outlined in the scope of work and delivery of satisfactory final products.

2. Commit to significant collaborative involvement with UGS, including collaborative refinement of technical specifications and scope of the project.

3. Consult with UGS on work progress, and provide information support as needed.

4. Provide timely review of deliverables.

SINGLE-SOURCE JUSTIFICATION DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR SINGLE SOURCE POLICY REQUIREMENTS Department of the Interior Policy (505 DM 2) requires a written justification which explains why competition is not practicable for each single-source award.

The justification must address one or more of the following criteria as well as discussion of the program legislative history, unique capabilities of the proposed recipient, and cost-sharing contribution offered by the proposed recipient, as applicable.

In order for an assistance award to be made without competition, the award must satisfy one or more of the following criteria:
(1) Unsolicited Proposal ¿ The proposed award is the result of an unsolicited assistance application which represents a unique or innovative idea, method, or approach which is not the subject of a current or planned contract or assistance award, but which is deemed advantageous to the program objectives; (2) Continuation ¿ The activity to be funded is necessary to the satisfactory completion of, or is a continuation of an activity presently being funded, and for which competition would have a significant adverse effect on the continuity or completion of the activity; (3) Legislative intent ¿ The language in the applicable authorizing legislation or legislative history clearly indicates Congress¿ intent to restrict the award to a particular recipient of purpose; (4) Unique Qualifications ¿ The applicant is uniquely qualified to perform the activity based upon a variety of demonstrable factors such as location, property ownership, voluntary support capacity, cost-sharing ability if applicable, technical expertise, or other such unique qualifications; (5) Emergencies ¿ Program/award where there is insufficient time available (due to a compelling and unusual urgency, or substantial danger to health or safety) for adequate competitive procedures to be followed.

The National Park Service did not solicit full and open competition for this award based the following criteria:
THIS IS A NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD This is a Task Agreement (P14AC01400) under Cooperative Agreement (P13AC00601) in the amount of $159,60 0. 00 with a period of performance from date of award until 09/30/201 6. STATUTORY AUTHORITY 16 U.S.C.

§1g authorizes the NPS to enter into cooperative agreements that involve the transfer of NPS appropriated funds to state, local and tribal governments, other public entities, educational institutions, and private nonprofit organizations for the public purpose of carrying out National Park Service programs
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