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We are interested in the role that government, small business and the nonprofit sector/philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

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Every day the federal government publishes grants available through 26 Federal agencies. Eligibility for these grants varies, some are available to states and municipalities others to nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

While some of the grants are available to individuals, those are usually for specific projects or interest to the granting organization. If you are looking for grants or support for yourself as an individual you should investigate opportunities available through

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The U.S. Embassy Kampala/ Bureau of African Affairs of the U.S. Department of State announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to carry out a program to implement a media...more
Posted On - 2024-07-19

The goal of this program is to detect, prevent, eradicate, and/or control invasive plant species to promote ecological resiliency, watershed stability, and biological diversity on Federal, State,...more
Posted On - 2024-07-18

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service will support projects in the Great Lakes basin that implement the following strategic, priority actions: Mitigate Invasive Forest Insect and Disease...more
Posted On - 2024-07-18

The purpose of this grant program is to build community colleges’ capacity to meet the skill development needs of employers and equitably support students in obtaining good jobs in in-demand...more
Posted On - 2024-07-18

Under this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), DOL will award grants through a competitive process to organizations providing pre-apprenticeship services that support education, occupational...more
Posted On - 2024-07-18

Note: Each funding opportunity description is a synopsis of information in the Federal Register application notice. For specific information about eligibility, please see the official application...more
Posted On - 2024-07-18

With this solicitation, OJJDP seeks to build the capacity of state, Tribal, and local agencies, and to encourage the development and implementation of best practices related to the investigation and...more
Posted On - 2024-07-18

This is a Notice of Intent to Issue Funding Opportunity Announcement No. DE-FOA-0003348; titled Puerto Rico Energy Resilience Fund: Resilient Communities Program. This Notice of Intent is for...more
Posted On - 2024-07-18

With this solicitation, OJJDP seeks to fund the Center for Youth Justice Transformation (CYJT) to strengthen state- and territory-level compliance with the Formula Grants Program; develop and...more
Posted On - 2024-07-18

Social Entrepreneurship

The Social Investment Tax Relief

The proposed Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) has UK civil society and social organizations stirred up this season. The supposed tax relief on investment in social impact bonds will support the UK social economy.

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