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Dubuque Main Street Gets $65,000 State Grant
One of the 14 Iowa town streets that received the Main Street Iowa Challenge Grants is Dubuque Main Street. Dubuque Main Street was granted a $65,000 state funding for facade improvements along...more

Oak Brook Lands $850,000 State Grant for Streetscape Project
Oak Brook will receive $850,000 grant to fund a $2.5 million streetscape enhancement project for a portion of 22nd Street and of York Road. The state Department of Transportation's Illinois...more

State Grant to Help Smooth Traffic Flow in Garth
The Texas Department of Transportation has awarded grants to reduce traffic congestion in Garth. The Garth Road corridor and the growing Highway 146 North area are heavily congested. With the...more

A $500,000 Grant for Streetscape Improvements
The state Department of Community and Economic Development has given a $500,000 grant to Williamsport City to improve street infrastructure to areas near Memorial Homes with access to Memorial...more

Warren County Gets $482,000 for Boat-Washing Stations
Warren County receives a $482,000 state grant to continue the implementation of the boat-wash plan. The Lake George Watershed Coalition, a conglomerate that includes the Lake George Park...more

Denton County Pursue State Grant For Road Repairs
Denton County officials are planning to pursue a state grant to help them fund repairs to county roads near wells. According to Commissioner Andy Eads, the court voted unanimously to create a...more

Gray County Commissioners Seeks State Grant to Improve Roads
The Gray County Court of Commissioners has given the thumbs up on paying the county's bills and then settling to engage in the County Transportation Infrastructure Fund Grant Program. The County...more

A $6 Million State Grant to Equip Access Road in Ashland
Ashland has received a $6 million state grant to furnish an access road in the rail district with utility systems and walkways. The new road will include sewer, water and electric lines as well as...more

State Grant to Help Pay for Office Construction
The Michigan Department of Transportation's Transportation Economic Development Fund will provide $1,394,088 to pay for the cost of turn-lane construction at multiple intersections in Monroe to...more

Crossroads Counties to Consider State Funds for Road Repairs
DeWitt County is one of the counties that consider accepting a minimum of $4.5 million in state funds to repair and maintain roads affected by oil and gas exploration. Other Crossroads counties...more

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