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Background: Non-native and invasive feral pigs severely damage all native habitats on Guam by eating young plants, trampling, creating wallows, and rooting. These activities increase the rate of soil...more
Posted On - 2017-03-20

Eagle Banding is needed in order to determine what eagles are being seen in the Bird Airstrike Safety Hazards (BASH) potential aircraft strike locations , resident installation nests or other nests...more
Posted On - 2017-03-20

NSWC Crane is interested in funding research of advanced 3D Visualization renderings from dynamic (moving) platforms. This proposed research is to assess techniques currently utilized in a static...more
Posted On - 2017-03-20

The Acquisition Research Program (ARP) at the Naval Postgraduate School is interested in stimulating and supporting scholarly research in academic disciplines that bear on public procurement policy...more
Posted On - 2017-03-03

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is interested in receiving proposals addressing the fundamental problem of modern systems and software insecurity. The main focus for this solicitation is...more
Posted On - 2017-02-28

The goal of Electronic Warfare (EW) is to control the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) by exploiting, deceiving, or denying enemy use of the spectrum while ensuring its use by friendly forces. To that...more
Posted On - 2016-12-19

The ONR seeks a broad range of proposals for augmenting existing or developing innovative solutions that directly maintain, or cultivate a diverse, world-class STEM workforce in order to maintain the...more
Posted On - 2016-10-31

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is interested in receiving proposals for Long-Range Science and Technology (S&T) Projects which offer potential for advancement and improvement of Navy and Marine...more
Posted On - 2016-09-28

The Navy received authorization for Minor Nontidal Fills work at BPTF from the USACE on 22 June 2015. In accordance with the terms and conditions of MDSPGP-4 permit number 2014-61196, the Navy must...more
Posted On - 2016-08-09

Social Entrepreneurship

New Vineyard Philanthropy Group Supports Island Youth

New Vineyard Philanthropy Group Supports Island Youth
MVYouth, a newly formed Vineyard philanthropy group with a mission to support Island youth, will...

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