Office of Naval Research Grants

Department of Health and Human Services
 $11,068,127,907 Agency for International Development
 $2,733,835,630 Department of Homeland Security
 $2,225,439,097 Department of Defense
 $1,758,775,948 Department of Housing and Urban Development
 $1,348,744,500 National Science Foundation
 $1,339,063,793 Department of Energy
 $1,110,437,002 Department of Transportation
 $940,074,922 Department of the Interior
 $878,210,143 Department of Agriculture
 $853,580,157 Department of Justice
 $512,322,291 Other Agencies

1) Costs associated with a field trip to the Naval Air Systems Command Lakehurst Facility to reinforce STEM curriculum Includes transportation, substitute teacher (if needed) and other associated...more
Posted On - 2017-06-23

The intent of this award is to fund an organization that can provide collaborative assistance with manpower (scientists, research associates, research assistants, laboratory aides , nurses, clinical...more
Posted On - 2017-06-21

Design and implement stream restoration measures to restore these streams to their natural state. These measures could include installing erosion control measures, re-grading and replanting native...more
Posted On - 2017-05-26

ONR is interested in receiving white papers and full proposals for the Department of Defense (DoD) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Science and Technology Program. ONR develops and demonstrates...more
Posted On - 2017-05-12

Communications technology that can provide seamless, robust, connectivity is at the foundation of the Sea Power 21 and FORCEnet Vision "... to have the right information, at the right place, at the...more
Posted On - 2017-04-27

Background: Non-native and invasive feral pigs severely damage all native habitats on Guam by eating young plants, trampling, creating wallows, and rooting. These activities increase the rate of soil...more
Posted On - 2017-03-20

Eagle Banding is needed in order to determine what eagles are being seen in the Bird Airstrike Safety Hazards (BASH) potential aircraft strike locations , resident installation nests or other nests...more
Posted On - 2017-03-20

NSWC Crane is interested in funding research of advanced 3D Visualization renderings from dynamic (moving) platforms. This proposed research is to assess techniques currently utilized in a static...more
Posted On - 2017-03-20

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division is interested in receiving proposals for research maturation of Complex Systems/System-of-Systems (SoS) technologies for a System-of-Systems analytic...more
Posted On - 2017-03-13

Social Entrepreneurship

Paper Beads Empower Lives of Vulnerable Women

Paper Beads Empower Lives of Vulnerable Women
Sawa World is dedicated to solving extreme poverty for 1 billion people who live on...

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