Small Business Grants from the Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services is the Federal government's principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially to those who are least able to help themselves.

Department of Health and Human Services
 $8,707,379,944 Department of Housing and Urban Development
 $4,416,956,458 Department of Homeland Security - FEMA
 $3,872,053,296 Department of Transportation
 $3,321,515,896 Department of Homeland Security
 $2,487,969,932 National Science Foundation
 $2,150,404,000 Department of Education
 $1,696,755,779 Agency for International Development
 $1,603,513,990 Department of Defense
 $1,602,301,210 Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council
 $1,600,500,629 Department of Energy
 $1,455,507,240 Department of the Interior
 $1,262,081,556 Department of Labor
 $1,249,880,000 Department of Agriculture
 $1,127,562,081 National Institutes of Health
 $990,302,970 Department of Justice
 $989,608,507 Department of Energy - Office of Science
 $673,670,000 Other Agencies

Research on Improving Pediatric mTBI Outcomes Through Clinician Training, Decision Support, and Discharge Instructions
The purpose of this research is to rigorously evaluate a clinical intervention in primary care and/or emergency departments to improve diagnosis, management, and treatment of pediatric mTBI using an...more
Posted On - 2017-12-14

Development of Medications to Prevent and Treat Opioid Use Disorders and Overdose (UG3/UH3) (Clinical Trials Optional)The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement is to support the discovery and development of medications to prevent and treat opioid use disorders (OUD) and overdose. The UG3/UH3 Phase...more
Posted On - 2017-12-14

Deciphering the Molecular Landscape of Lung Aging in Humans (U01 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed)This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites applications to study the normal biological aging process in the human lungs; specifically focusing on a) changes in molecular hallmarks of aging...more
Posted On - 2017-12-14

BRAIN Initiative: Biology and Biophysics of Neural Stimulation (R01 - Clinical Trials Optional)A central goal of the BRAIN Initiative is to develop new and improved perturbation technologies suitable for controlling specified cell types and circuits to modulate function in the central nervous...more
Posted On - 2017-12-14

Non-Invasive Diagnostics to Improve Gynecologic Health (R43/R44 - Clinical Trial Optional)The purpose of this FOA is to encourage small businesses to collaborate with scientists and clinicians in the field of gynecologic health to develop, advance, and validate new devices and methods for...more
Posted On - 2017-12-14

BRAIN Initiative: Targeted BRAIN Circuits Planning Projects TargetedBCPP (R34 - Clinical Trials Not Allowed)This R34 FOA solicits applications that offer a limited scope of aims and an approach that will establish feasibility, validity, or other technically qualifying results that, if successful, would...more
Posted On - 2017-12-14

Using Information Technology to Support Systematic Screening and Treatment of Depression in Cancer (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) encourages research to understand how information technology (IT) can support systematic screening and treatment of depression in cancer patients in a...more
Posted On - 2017-12-11

NIDCD Early Career Research(ECR) Award (R21 - Clinical Trials Optional)The NIDCD Early Career Research (ECR) Award (R21) is intended to support both basic and clinical research from scientists who are beginning to establish an independent research career. It cannot be...more
Posted On - 2017-12-11

Studies in Neonatal and Pediatric Resuscitation (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)The purpose of this funding opportunity announcement (FOA) is to stimulate research on a wide range of topics related to neonatal and pediatric resuscitation. Possible topics may include, but are not...more
Posted On - 2017-12-11

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Business grants could be one of the most important financial tools that nearly all businesses would need. They may not be the single most significant support businesses could have, but they can get definitely help you start the business right....

Small Business Grants - Support for Veterans

The SBA is dedicated to lend a hand to the service people in America and directly links with the Patriot Express Loan for veterans who desire to initiate their own business and want to start commercial activities. The SBA also plays a role in encouraging growth and job creation during the process, which is an indispensable part to support economic prosperity.

Social Entrepreneurship

Niagara: A Willing Host for Green Business

Niagara: A Willing Host for Green Business
The Niagara Region is a willing host to renewable energy. Known as the green energy capital, Niagara Falls is one...

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