Multifamily Property Disposition

To manage and dispose of multifamily housing projects that are owned by the Secretary or that are subject to a mortgage held by the Secretary in a manner that is consistent with the National Housing Act; protect the financial interests of the Federal government, and will, in the least costly fashion
among reasonable available alternatives: preserve certain housing so that it can remain available to and affordable by low-income persons; preserve and revitalize residential neighborhoods; maintain the existing housing stock in a decent, safe and sanitary condition; minimize the involuntary displacement of tenants; maintain housing for the purpose of providing rental housing, cooperative housing, and home ownership opportunities for low-income persons; supporting fair housing strategies; and dispose of such projects in a manner consistent with local housing market conditions.

Agency - Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Department of Housing and Urban Development's mission is to increase homeownership, support community development and increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination. HUD fulfills this mission through high ethical standards, management and accountability, and by forming partnerships with community organizations.

Office - Interested parties can contact the Multifamily Property Disposition Centers in the Atlanta and Fort Worth HUD Offices listed in Appendix IV of the Catalog.