Healthy Homes Demonstration Grants (Recovery Act Funded)

The purpose of the Healthy Homes Demonstration Program is to develop, demonstrate, and promote cost-effective, preventive measures to correct multiple safety and health hazards that produce serious disease in children and other sensitive subgroups such as the elderly, with a particular focus on low-income

The Healthy Homes Demonstration program is committed to supporting the Departmental Strategic Goal of strengthening communities by addressing housing conditions that threaten health.

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, specifically target job creation and job retention including and involving sub-recipients from the private sector, and grassroots community-based nonprofit organizations, including faith-based organizations.
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Examples of Funded Projects

Fiscal Year 2008: The New England Asthma Regional Council promotes the adoption of the Asthma Regional Council (ARC) Guidelines for incorporating healthy housing practices in new construction and rehabilitation projects.

Training is being provided to 200 code inspectors, 100 affordable housing professionals, and 70 residents.

Neighborhood House, in Seattle, in collaboration with public and private partners, will adopt a holistic approach to construct 35 asthma-safe homes through the HOPE VI projects of the Seattle Housing Authority.

Fiscal Year 2009: No Current Data Available Fiscal Year 2010: No Current Data Available

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