National Wetlands Inventory

The EWRA requires the NWI to map wetlands of the nation, digitize the maps, archive and distribute the data, and produce a 10-year national wetlands status and trends report to Congress.

credit: Florida Today

Examples of Funded Projects

Fiscal Year 2010: FY10: Mapping of Washita National Wildlife Refuge; Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCC), Whooping Crane Migration project; Great Northern LCC, MT & ID project; Artic LCC, AK project.

Fiscal Year 2011: (actual/anticipated) Mapping of various National Wildlife Refuges; Florida LCC, FLUCC s conversion to NWCS project; North Atlantic LCC, Chesapeake Bay updating VA project; Gulf Coast Prairie LCC, TX coastal updates project; Great Basin LCC, Whooping Crane project.

Fiscal Year 2012: (anticipated) Florida LCC, FLUCCs conversion to NWCS project; Great Basin LCC, KS project; Great Lakes LCC project; Western Alaska LCC project.

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