Copyright Service

OBJECTIVES: To administer the U.S.

copyright law, to examine and decide the acceptability of all applications, deposit copies, and other materials presented for registration of original and renewal copyright claims; and preregistration of certain unpublished works; to process deposits submitted
in compliance with the mandatory deposit provision of the copyright law; to record and publish facts of copyright and certain bibliographic data pertaining to each registered work; to furnish information to the public about the procedures for making registration and the practices of the Office; to record transfers of copyright ownership or other documents pertaining to a copyright; to provide reports on copyright facts found in the records of the Copyright Office; to provide certified copies of office records; and to promulgate copyright regulations.

To examine cable system and satellite carrier statements of account and collect compulsory license royalties for distribution to copyright owners; to examine quarterly and annual statements of account and receive royalties on behalf of copyright owners pursuant to the statutory obligation provided for the manufacture and distribution of digital audio recording equipment and media; to examine and record documents relatin