Vessel Hull Design Protection Service

To administer the Vessel Hull Design Protection Act of 1998; to examine and decide the acceptability of all applications and identifying material for registration of claims of protection; to establish by regulation the fees for filing of applications and for other services provided by the Copyright Office;
to record and publish legal facts or data pertaining to each registered work; to furnish information to the public about the procedures for applying for registration and the practices of the Office; to record documents of transfer or other documents pertaining to vessel hull designs.

Agency - Library of Congress

Program Accomplishments

In FY 07, the Office made 26 vessel hull design registrations. The Office estimates 30 such registrations for FY 08.

Uses and Use Restrictions

Anyone may request information about the Vessel Hull Design Protection Act, the Copyright Office regulations, the method of securing registration and the procedures for registering claims of protection and recording documents.

This information is free of charge.

Reports on facts found in the records of the Copyright Office may be obtained for a statutory fee of $150 an hour.

However, any member of the public may (without charge) use the catalog records in the Copyright Office.

The fee set by regulation for registration of a claim of protection to one design is $200.

There are also separate schedules of regulatory fees for additional deposit copies, recordation of distinctive identification of an owner, special handling of a registration application, recordation of transfers of ownership and certified copies of record.

The latest fee information can be obtained by contacting the Copyright Office or checking the Copyright Office Website at