Congressionally Mandated Projects

To implement Congressionally directed projects or programs for special purposes identified in EPA's annual appropriations act or Conference Report.

These assistance agreements support surveys, studies and investigations; research and demonstrations; and special projects which are not requested
by EPA in their annual budget to Congress.

They are sometimes identified for specifically designated organizations.

The projects may be associated with: (1) various environmental requirements (e.g.

wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment); (2) identifying, developing, and/or demonstrating necessary pollution control technologies and techniques to prevent, reduce, and eliminate pollution; and/or (3) evaluating the economic and social consequences of alternative strategies, technologies, or mechanisms for use by those in economic, social, governmental, and environmental management positions.

Funding priorities are to award these assistance agreements to the designated organizations as quickly as possible within statutory and regulatory requirements.
Examples of Funded Projects

Congressionally mandated projects/programs vary, for example below are listed a small sample of such projects/programs.

Waste to Energy project in Stamford, Connecticut; Bacteria detection program in Mohawk Valley, New York Water Authority; Restoration of Lake Pontchartrain Basin by the Lake Pontchartrain Foundation; Poultry science project at Stephen F.

Austin State University; Water treatment facility in the City of Alamosa, Colorado; Perchlorate treatment program in the City of Pasadena, California; Drinking water and wastewater facilities planning and construction projects, U.S.

- Mexico Border Program.

Agency - Environmental Protection Agency

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