Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, Research, Development and Analysis

Through research, development, demonstration, technology transfer, and education and outreach activities, modernize and expand America's electric delivery system to ensure a more reliable and robust electricity supply, and enhance economic and national security.

Develop cost-effective technology

that enhances the reliability, efficiency, and resiliency of the electric grid, while enabling the effective utilization of emerging generation and demand-side management technologies and practices.

Assure the security of the nation's energy infrastructure through research and programs to assess the critical functions of the nation's energy infrastructure and reduce its vulnerability, and to develop an effective emergency response system to protect and restore its capabilities in case of disruption or attack.
Examples of Funded Projects

In FY 2007 projects were awarded for research that will advance the development and application of High Temperature Superconductors, which have the potential to alleviate congestion on an electricity grid that is experiencing increased demand from consumers (http://www.energy.gov/news/5180.htm).

Projects awarded in FY 2007 for Visualization and Controls aim to protect our Nation's energy infrastructure from cyber attacks and seek to modernize our electricity grid (http://www.energy.gov/news/5643.htm).

Projects awarded in FY 2008 under Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration include research and development activities to improve the security of controls systems for energy delivery and increase the use of distributed generation during peak load periods (http://www.energy.gov/news/6170.htm).

Agency - Department of Energy

The Department of Energy's goal is to advance national, economic and energy security in the U.S.; to promote scientific and technological innovation in support of that goal; and to ensure environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex.

Office - Chicago Operations Office: http://www.ch.doe.gov.

National Energy Technology Laboratory: http://www.netl.doe.gov.

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