Building a Medical Home for Multiply Diagnosed HIV positive Homeless Populations - Demonstration Sites Project
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Due to the transient nature of the lives of homeless people suffering from HIV, HRSA perceives that it is very much essential to strategically coordinate efforts to engage and retain these individuals in a care facility that is more than capable of meeting their unique needs as HIV patients.

In addition, the applicants of this program will have to adopt a set of organizational structures characterized as having integrated or co-located strategies for their successful service provision.

To support this, the Health Resources and Services Administration is set to administer funds in the amount of $2,400,000 to worthy applicants.

The institutions and organizations who will be deemed eligible to submit an application under this program are the following:

a) State and Local Governments

b) Academic Institutions of Higher Education

c) Local health departments

d) Community Health Centers

e) Faith-based and community-based organizations

f) Native American Tribal Governments

g) Nonprofit organizations

h) City or Township Governments

i) Special District Governments

The United States Department of Health and Human Services, the mother agency that's funding the Building a Medical Home for Multiply Diagnosed HIV positive Homeless Populations – Demonstration Sites Project, is the country's leading agency that's intended for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services to all.

Building a Medical Home for Multiply Diagnosed HIV positive Homeless Populations - Demonstration Sites Project
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