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4) Certified Development Company Loan Program - This loan program intends to provide long-term financing to achieve economic development in a certain community. It designed to work in a manner where the Small Business Administration will provide expanding businesses with a long-term, fixed-rate financing for their major fixed assets including lands and buildings.

5) Economic Injury Disaster Loans - This type of loan is established to provide substantial loan amounts to small business including private, non-profit organizations in order to help them reestablish their business their businesses which suffered from an economic injury resulting from a recognized disaster, regardless of whether or not the loan applicant has obtained direct physical damage.

6) Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Program - This is the type of loan program that could provide financing to small businesses in the form of equity securities and long term loans.

7) Indian Loan Guaranty, Insurance, and Interest Subsidy Program - This loan program seeks to obtain funds from private sectors in an effort to help promote business development initiatives in certain areas.

8) Microloan Program - This loan program is designed to provide small loan amounts to start-up business establishments to help them run their newly established business venture.

9) Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program - The purpose of this loan is to provide funds to eligible small businesses to help them meet their ordinary and necessary operating expenses that it was supposed to meet, but failed to do so in the process, for the reason that one or some of its employees have been called to active duty in their role as a military reservist.

10) Short Term Lending Program - This type of loan program is designed to help small business in the process of gaining access to transportation-related contracts from the Department of Transportation.

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Business Loans From GovLoans
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