Children Youth and Families At-Risk Sustainable Community Project
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a) To be able to provide support to community education programs for children at-risk, youth, and the households that are based solely on locally identified needs, those that are soundly grounded in research, and will lead to the accomplishment of one of CYFAR National Outcomes

b) To be able to integrate CYFAR programs into current Extension programs for children, youth, and families, thereby insuring that these at-risk and low income households will continue to be a part of the Extension programs and will constantly have access to available resources and educational opportunities.

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture estimates that they will be able to administer a maximum amount of $320,000 to fund the Children Youth and Families At-Risk Sustainable Community Project.

Interested applicants can submit their application to eligible Land-Grant Institutions such as:

a) Tuskegee University

b) West Virginia State University

c) 1862 Land-Grant Colleges and Universities

d) University of the District of Columbia.

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture has also stressed that they will still be considering applications from current CYFAR grantees but they have also emphasized that those eligible land-grant institutions which don't have an active award will be given a priority as long as they observe the program's application guidelines.

The United States Department of Agriculture, the primary agency funding the Children Youth and Families At-Risk Sustainable Community Project, is the country's leading agency that is responsible anti-hunger efforts, stewardship of of national forest and rangelands, and product safety and conservation efforts.

Children Youth and Families At-Risk Sustainable Community Project
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