HRSA: Reducing Loss to Follow-up after Failure to Pass Newborn Hearing Screening
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The program will provide funding for the fiscal years 2012-2014 with an anticipated annual budget of $1,750,000. The HRSA plans to administer 7 grants with an annual ceiling amount of $250,000.

Interested applicants are required to apply electronically at the website. Deadline of the submission of applications and proposals will be on October 28, 2011.

The eligibility for this funding is solely limited to those existing grantees/awardees with project periods maturing on March 31, 2012 and States/Jurisdictions which lack HRSA Federal funds, and therefore have no funds to support their newborn hearing screening program at this time.

The Reducing Loss to Follow-up after Failure to Pass Newborn Hearing Screening, under the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening program, mainly supports state programs in reducing the loss to follow-up of infants who have failed to pass a physiologic newborn hearing screening examination before their discharge from the newborn nursery.

The Department of Health and Human Services(HHS) is the branch that oversees the HRSA. The HHS is also the principal provider of essential human services in the US, especially to those who are financially challenged and are least capable of helping themselves.

The Reducing Loss to Follow-up after Failure to Pass Newborn Hearing Screening program is essential to both HHS and HRSA because it conforms with their agency objectives, which ensures that every patient needing medical services will receive safe, adequate, well-thought of, and efficient quality of care.

HRSA: Reducing Loss to Follow-up after Failure to Pass Newborn Hearing Screening
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