Health Resources and Services Administration: Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (THCGME) Program


The Health Resources and Services Administration, otherwise known as the HRSA, is the primary US agency for American citizens who are uninsured, isolated and medically vulnerable.

The agency also provides training for health professionals in rural communities, such as health center personnel, with the hopes of constantly honing their skills and improving the entire process of delivering their patient care.

At the same time, the HRSA also offers leadership and financial support to the members of health care teams in the US and its territories.

One of the ways of showing support to the health care providers in rural communities, is the HRSA's recently established Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program, which can also be referred to as the THCGME program.

The THCGME program provides payments to cover the cost of brand-new residency and dentistry programs in various community-based and ambulatory primary health care settings, such as health centers.

The THCGME program, with an estimated total funding of $230 million, offers to pay for two kinds of payments; direct and indirect expenses.

Direct expenses are designed to pay for the sponsorship of an approved graduate (medical or dental) residency training program.

While Indirect expenses are designed to pay for the additional costs relating to teaching residents in such programs payed for by the direct expenses.   (continued...)

Health Resources and Services Administration: Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (THCGME) Program
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