Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Training and Technical Assistance Program
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1) The provision of a proactive, comprehensive, and user-friendly approach in training technical assistance sessions

2) The development of unique protocols that could be utilized during the evaluation and delivery of training and technical assistance services

3) The utilization of the training and technical assistance services that contain resources and tools for the grantees, including peer to peer consultations, distance learning, onsite technical assistance, and constant technical assistance services through phone and e-mail

4) The ability to plan and host grantee meetings.

The Office of Justice Programs will enter into a cooperative agreement with one eligible applicant and will award funds in the amount of $600,000.

The organizations and institutions that will be eligible to take part in the Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Training and Technical Assistance Program are the following:

1) Public and State controlled institutions of higher education

2) Public and private nonprofit organizations

3) Private institutions of higher education

4) For-profit organizations that are willing to forgo profit or fees

5) Faith-based organizations

6) Community organizations.

The Department of Justice, the primary agency that is funding the Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Training and Technical Assistance Program, is the nation's leading agency that is responsible for enforcing the law and defending the interest of the United States of America.

Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Training and Technical Assistance Program
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