Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program High Priority Grant Opportunity
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b) To increase compliance with CMV safety regulations;

c) To increase public awareness about CMV safety;

d) To provide education on CMV safety and related issues; and

e) To demonstrate new safety related technologies.

In line with these objectives, the MSCAP has allocated an anticipated budget of up to $10 million for the fiscal year 2012.

Interested applicants within the scope of eligibility requirements are encouraged to submit their applications electronically to the website on or before October 17, 2011.

The MSCAP High Priority grants could be awarded to any of the following eligible applicants:

a) State governments

b) Country governments

c) City or Township governments

d) Public or State Controlled Institutions of Higher Education

The Department of Transportation, the mother agency funding the MSCAP High Priority grant project, is the country's primary agency responsible for ensuring that the American people consistently gain access to fast, safe, efficient and convenient transportation systems that would enhance their quality of life today, and in the future.

The MSCAP High Priority grant is very much essential to the DOT as it helps them achieve their agency objectives, and at the same time it enables them to ensure that the quality transportation in the country is not only safe and efficient, but is also constantly evolving in order to consistently attend to the demands of changing times.

Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program High Priority Grant Opportunity
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