National Science Foundation: Geoinformatics Solicitation Grant
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Individuals and organizations in the following categories will be considered as eligible applicants:

a) Universities and colleges accredited by the government and located in the US and its territories

b) Non-profit, non-academic organizations such as museums, research laboratories, professional socities and similar organizations located in the US and are directly associated with educational or research activities

c) For-profit organizations such as strong businesses with strong capabilities in scientific or engineering research education

d) State and Local Governments such as state educational offices and local school districts

e) Unaffiliated individuals such as independent scientists educators and engineers in the US

As stated in the objectives for the Geoinformatics solicitation program in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, the program aims to strengthen and enhance the national scientific enterprise through the constant expansion of fundamental knowledge and increased understanding of the complex Earth systems through the help of various research opportunities.

The National Science Foundation, otherwise referred to as the NSF, is the agency funding the Geoinformatics solicitation program. The NSF is constantly working towards the promotion of the progress of science, the advancement of national health, prosperity and welfare, and finally the noble process of securing the national defense.

The primary aim of the Geoinformatics solicitation program is to to transform the conduct of research in the field of geosciences by constantly providing support to community-created cyberinfrastructures which in turn integrates knowledge management across the geosciences. Which is why this solicitation program is very much in keeping with the NSF's effort to promote the country's interest in the various fields of science.

National Science Foundation: Geoinformatics Solicitation Grant
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