Rural Health Research Center Program
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The HRSA will enter into a cooperative agreement with an eligible applicant who will be able to conduct policy-oriented health services research studies concentrating on rural issues and further synthesize the results into straight-forwards reports that will become easily comprehensible to a non-technical policy audience.

With this, the recipients of the funds will be required to maintain an up-to-date extensive library of data sets on their respective rural topic of focus.

The Health Resources and Services Administration is set to award funds in the amount of $4,620,000 to support the initiatives of the Rural Health Research Center Program.

Institutions and organizations will be eligible to submit an application under this program if they belong to any of the following:

a) State, City, County and Township Governments

b) Special District Governments

c) Independent School Districts

d) State Controlled Institutions of Higher Education

e) Native American Tribal Organizations

f) Private Institutions of Higher Education

g) Small Businesses

h) Non-profit and for-profit organizations

The HRSA has specially required that the principal or lead investigators have a doctoral degree and at least five to ten yeas of work experience on rural health research.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services, the mother agency funding the Rural Health Research Center Program, is the country's leading agency that is constantly working towards the protection of the health of all Americans and the provision of fundamental human services to those who are financially challenged and medically vulnerable.

Rural Health Research Center Program
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