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a) Low Interest Rate Mortgage Program - One of the primary housing loan programs of SONYMA that is specially geared towards the eligible first time homebuyers of New York. The notable features of this program are its incredibly low interest rates, an option to avail of a low downpayment mortgage financing program, a fixed interest rate, and a mortgage plan that is payable for up to 30 years.

b) Achieving the Dream Program - This program provides eligible low-income first time home-buyers with a low downpayment mortgage financing program if they wish to acquire one or two family dwellings.

c) Construction Incentive Program - This program was developed in an effort to stimulate the construction of one to two family homes. The program can provide qualified first time home-buyers with up to 97% of financing for the construction of their chosen properties.

d) Remodel New York Program - This program is specifically created to assist first time home-buyers in the process of purchasing and repairing homes and properties that are in dire need of renovation.

e) Homes for Veterans Program - This program is tailored to assist U.S. military veterans and active duty U.S. military personnel in the process of purchasing a new home or transferring to another property.

f) Down Payment Assistance Loan - This program can be used in conjunction with another SONYMA home-buying loan program as it only offers eligible first time home-buyers with funds that are only sufficient for covering the downpayment and closing costs of purchasing a home.

State of New York Mortgage Agency
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