Alaska District Grants

Department of Health and Human Services
 $62,853,680,968 Department of Transportation
 $56,443,571,981 Environmental Protection Agency
 $35,751,587,496 Department of Energy
 $24,661,368,000 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
 $14,032,768,821 Department of Homeland Security
 $13,986,266,741 Department of Labor
 $10,348,285,755 Department of Defense
 $10,111,366,675 Department of the Interior
 $9,806,569,960 Department of Agriculture
 $8,296,397,040 Agency for International Development
 $7,754,781,106 Department of Commerce
 $6,871,103,950 Department of Housing and Urban Development
 $6,642,477,476 Department of State
 $6,042,666,916 Department of Justice
 $5,571,395,802 Department of Education
 $2,642,831,221 Department of the Treasury
 $1,019,380,000 Other Agencies

Alaska District
Seabird Monitoring and Predator Management at Koke’e Air Force Station, Kauai - All tasks associated with this requirement have an avian and/or predator control focus and shall be conducted on...more
Posted On - 2024-07-02

Alaska District
Donnelly Training Area, Black Rapids Training Area, and Yukon Training Area Trail and Streambank Improvements, US Army Garrison-Alaska (USAG-AK), Fort Wainwright, Alaska - The primary objectives of...more
Posted On - 2024-06-12

Alaska District
11th Airborne Division (Arctic) and U.S. Army Alaska Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance (LRAM), Richardson Training Area, Alaska - The primary objective of this requirement is to implement the...more
Posted On - 2024-06-12

Alaska District
Fort Wainwright Alaska and Donnelly Training Area Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance Support, Fort Wainwright, Alaska - The primary objective of this requirement is to implement the Integrated...more
Posted On - 2024-06-12

Alaska District
The objectives of this project fall under INRMP Goal 2: Manage JBER natural resources under the guidelines and principles of adaptive ecosystem management, which aim to maintain functional ecosystems...more
Posted On - 2024-04-12

Alaska District
Donnelly Training Area (DTA), Donnelly Flight Landing Strip, Fort Wainwright, Alaska SOW 23-107 - The objectives of the work to be performed under this project are to implement the INRMP to provide...more
Posted On - 2024-03-20

Alaska District
The objectives of the work to be performed under this project are to conduct natural resource tasks on the federal lands belonging to Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) and to prepare reports...more
Posted On - 2024-01-02

Alaska District
The objective of this scope of work is to assist U.S. Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center (AFIMSC) with the optimal management of training lands, protect and enhance biological...more
Posted On - 2023-08-18

Alaska District
Environmental Cultural Resources Survey, Draughon Range (DR), Misawa Air Base, Japan - The purpose of this project is to achieve environmental compliance at USAF installation Misawa Air Base (MAB)...more
Posted On - 2023-08-08

Social Entrepreneurship

The Social Investment Tax Relief

The proposed Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) has UK civil society and social organizations stirred up this season. The supposed tax relief on investment in social impact bonds will support the UK social economy.

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