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The LRP Impact Award encourages applications that support the full spectrum of research projects or ideas that specifically focus on scientific and clinical lupus issues, which, if successfully...more
Posted On - 2020-05-29

The LRP Transformative Vision Award encourages applications that will fulfill an extraordinary vision for dramatically improving the quality of life of lupus patients. This award requires a plan that...more
Posted On - 2020-05-29

The LRP Idea Award supports innovative, high-risk/high-reward research that could ultimatelylead to a critical discovery or major advancement relevant to lupus. This award mechanismsupports studies...more
Posted On - 2020-05-29

The DMDRP Idea Development Award supports the development of innovative, high-risk/high-reward research that could lead to critical discoveries or major advancements that will accelerate progress in...more
Posted On - 2020-05-28

The FY20 DMDRP Translational Research Partnership Award mechanism supports collaborative research partnerships between investigators that will accelerate the movement of promising ideas in DMD into...more
Posted On - 2020-05-28

The FY20 VRP IIRA is intended to support studies that will yield highly impactful discoveries or major advancements in the research and/or patient care of eye injury and/or visual dysfunction as...more
Posted On - 2020-05-20

The FY20 VRP FTTSA is intended to support a highly collaborative and translational team initiative that will fundamentally advance the understanding and treatment of eye injury and/or visual...more
Posted On - 2020-05-20

The FY20 VRP TRA is intended to support translational research that moves promising discoveries into clinical applications that will advance the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, and/or treatment...more
Posted On - 2020-05-20

The intent of the FY20 PRARP ADTBI is to support high-impact, human-based development of robust diagnostic and/or prognostic biomarkers for chronic TBI as they pertain to AD/ADRD. It is anticipated...more
Posted On - 2020-05-19

Social Entrepreneurship

This Fashion Entrepreneur Moved From L.A. to a Navajo Reservation

This Fashion Entrepreneur Moved From L.A. to a Navajo Reservation

Fashion entrepreneur Amy Yeung moved her LA-based online apparel business Orenda Tribe to live on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico, among the indigenous sewers, jewelry makers, and artisans who are her suppliers.

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