National Energy Technology Laboratory Grants

The National Energy Technology Laboratory supports the Department of Energy mission to advance the energy security of the United States.

NETL implements a broad spectrum of energy and environmental research and development programs that include:

  • Enabling domestic coal, natural gas, and oil to economically power our Nation’s homes, industries, businesses, and transportation.
  • Protecting our environment and enhancing our energy independence.

NETL has expertise in coal, natural gas, and oil technologies; contract and project management; analysis of energy systems; and international energy issues.

Department of Health and Human Services
 $8,707,379,944 Department of Housing and Urban Development
 $4,416,956,458 Department of Homeland Security - FEMA
 $3,872,053,296 Department of Transportation
 $3,321,515,896 Department of Homeland Security
 $2,487,969,932 National Science Foundation
 $2,150,404,000 Department of Education
 $1,696,755,779 Agency for International Development
 $1,603,513,990 Department of Defense
 $1,602,301,210 Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council
 $1,600,500,629 Department of Energy
 $1,455,507,240 Department of the Interior
 $1,262,081,556 Department of Labor
 $1,249,880,000 Department of Agriculture
 $1,127,562,081 National Institutes of Health
 $990,302,970 Department of Justice
 $989,608,507 Department of Energy - Office of Science
 $673,670,000 Other Agencies

Amendment 00001 is an administrative amendment issued to correct the submission due date within FedConnect. There are no changes to the FOA document. The objective of this Funding Opportunity...more
Posted On - 2018-06-08

The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to seek information from coal-fueled power plant owners, operators, equipment manufacturers, architect-engineers, and other stakeholders about...more
Posted On - 2018-05-23

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) supports the goals of both the Carbon Use and Reuse, and the Coal Beneficiation programs. Both use similar platforms (i.e. catalysis and other chemical...more
Posted On - 2018-05-21

The purpose of this Request for Information is to seek information from power generation equipment manufacturers, utilities, power plant architect-engineers, and other stakeholders that can be used...more
Posted On - 2018-05-08

The purpose of this Request for Information is to seek information from stakeholders about Research and Development activities that could lead to performance improvements in steam based power cycles...more
Posted On - 2018-05-04

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is issuing, on behalf of the Vehicle Technologies Office, this Funding Opportunity Announcement, which seeks research project to address...more
Posted On - 2018-05-01

Through research and development of solid state lighting (SSL) including both light emitting diode and organic light emitting diode technologies the objectives of this opportunity are to maximize the...more
Posted On - 2018-04-27

The Department of Energys (DOEs) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) on behalf of the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems...more
Posted On - 2018-04-16

The United States Department of Energy Carbon Storage Program Storage Infrastructure Technology Area supports research to develop technologies focused on field laboratory studies, including regional...more
Posted On - 2018-04-03

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2014 National Awards Announces Finalists That Do Social Good

2014 National Awards Announces Finalists That Do Social Good
The 2014 Social Enterprise Awards, now on is 2nd year, has revealed its finalists, which include...

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  Social Work Jobs
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