BJA FY 20 Upholding the Rule of Law and Preventing Wrongful Convictions Program

The Upholding the Rule of Law and Preventing Wrongful Convictions (ROL/WCR) Program is committed to protecting the integrity of the criminal justice system and the consistent application of due process for all.

The ROL/WCR Program supports efforts by wrongful conviction review entities (WCR entities)
that represent individuals with post-conviction claims of innocence to review individual cases.

Where possible, the URLPWC Program seeks to identify actual perpetrators of crimes, and to bring justice to victim(s), thereby enhancing public safety.

By advancing methodologies and policies that address the underlying causes of wrongful convictions, URLPWC funding is intended to help prosecutors, law enforcement, defense counsel, and courts identify actual perpetrators and develop training tools, policies, and procedures that can prevent wrongful convictions.

The reviews may also result in the identification of systemic issues related to prior practices and errors and/or new forensic practices that can contribute to preventing wrongful convictions.

Public safety is adversely impacted by delays in the identification and apprehension of actual perpetrators.

Exonerations based on false testimony, for example, primarily occur in murder cases, meaning that violent perpetrators remain on the street, potentially committing further crimes.

URLPWC funding will support both the review of post-conviction claims of innocence and prosecutorial efforts to address violent crime and improve criminal prosecution, resulting in safer neighborhoods.
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Agency: Department of Justice

Office: Bureau of Justice Assistance

Estimated Funding: $3,600,000

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The following entities are eligible to apply: • Nonprofit organizations (including tribal nonprofit organizations), • Institutions of higher education • State or local public defender offices that have in-house post-conviction representation programs that show demonstrabl

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