Folsom-Auburn Recreation Management

OVERVIEW The purpose of this agreement is to perform Operations and Maintenance (law enforcement, visitor management, and recreation activities) on Federal lands and waters associated with the Auburn Project Lands, Folsom Reservoir, and Lake Natoma.

Per the terms of the Managing Partner Agreement

(MPA) this Grant Agreement will enable State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks) to plan for current and future uses and development of the lands managed by State Parks for Reclamation, so as to provide for safe and manageable recreation use of the Project Areas by the public.

RECIPIENT INVOLVEMENT i) The State shall be responsible for carrying out the Scope of Work, in accordance with the Managing Partner Agreement along with other terms and conditions stated herein.

The Recipient shall adhere to Federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and codes, as applicable, and shall obtain all required approvals and permits.

ii) Identify an individual who will serve as liaison and point of contact for timely response to assignments, provide uninterrupted flow of information, and compliance with the managing Partner Agreement.

iii) Disclose the impacts on the environment of any future development of the Project Areas and to assist in informing the public of Reclamation and State Parks mutually desirable change in current recreation setting and experiences of the area.

Proposed actions requiring National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) or California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) processes must be disclosed to the public as required by law and in accordance with Reclamation and State policy.

iv) Plan, protect, manage, develop, operate, and maintain public recreation services and Recreation Facilities at Reclamation's Folsom Lake, Lake Natoma, and Auburn Folsom South Unit in order to provide for law enforcement, public health and safety, use and enjoyment of those areas consistent with project purposes.

(1) The State will ensure adequate procedures for search and rescue, safety, fire, and medical operations are developed and in place to adequately respond to, or cooperate in an investigation with the agency having jurisdiction, for all incidents involving death, serious injury or property damage, or other incidents of a serious nature within the Project Areas.

(2) Provide initial response to hazardous material spill incidents.

Upon discovery of any event occurring within the Project Areas, the State shall be initial responder and will implement appropriate measures to protect public health, safety and the environment, in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for such incidents to be developed by Reclamation within 60 days from execution of this agreement and as mutually agreed to by both parties.

Said SOP shall be incorporated into this agreement by Reference and shall be updated periodically as necessary.

State shall report full details of the actions to Reclamation's Emergency Official in accordance with Reclamation's Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Notification, reporting and remediation actions shall be in accordance with the MPA.

v) Consult and assist Reclamation in the protection and management of natural and cultural resources in accordance with the Managing Partner Agreement.

(I) At a minimum, Recipient shall provide initial response to incidents involving possible damage to cultural and natural resources, to prevent further destruction from occurring.

vi) Issue and administer third party permits, agreements, and contracts, including concessions contracts for the purpose of providing appropriate and necessary goods, services and facilities for the visiting public and management of the Federal lands, in accordance with the Managing Partner Agreement.

(I) Coordinate and ensure that concession operators, permit holders, and contractors obtain all necessary permits and approvals from Reclamation and local agencies, consistent with the MPA.

vii) Work in cooperation with Reclamation to minimize or reduce operational deficits.

Meet annually to ensure communications, administration, operations, maintenance, and development review procedures are adequate.

RECLAMATION INVOLVEMENT No substantial involvement on the part of Reclamation is anticipated for the successful completion of the objectives to be funded by this award.

It is anticipated that Reclamation’s involvement will consist of standard federal stewardship responsibilities such as monitoring project performance, technical assistance at the request of the recipient, etc.

SINGLE-SOURCE JUSTIFICATION Reclamation did not solicit full and open competition for this award based the following criteria:
(2) CONTINUATION (4) UNIQUE QUALIFICATIONS Single Source Justification Description:
Continuation - The activity to be funded is a continuation of an activity presently being funded, and for which competition would have a significant adverse effect on the continuity or completion of the activity.

Since 1956 at Folsom and Natoma reservoirs, and since 1966 at Auburn Project Lands, California Department of Parks and Recreation has managed lands under several instruments, most recently the January 24, 2012 Managing Partners Agreement (MPA) to perform law enforcement, visitor management, and recreation activities on Federal lands and waters associated with the Auburn Project Lands, Folsom Reservoir, and Lake Natoma.

The activity to be funded, Operation and Maintenance of Recreational facilities, is a continuation of that management under the 25 year MPA.

Unique Qualifications - The applicant is uniquely qualified to perform the activity based upon a variety of demonstrable factors.

California Department of Parks and Recreation has real property adjacent to Reclamation lands and waterbodies that have been incorporated into the management of Auburn State Recreation Area and Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

California Department of Parks and Recreation has, since the initiation of the MPA in 2012 demonstrated an ability to cost-share.

As well, California Department of Parks and Recreation has demonstrated technical expertise in the development, operation, and maintenance of recreational facilities.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY Public Law 89-72 (79 Stat.

213), as amended particularly by Title XXVIII of Reclamation Recreation Management Act of October 30, 1992 (102-575, 106 Stat.

4690-4693, Section 2804).

"(a) Provision of facilities, acquisition of lands, and provision for public use and enjoyment of project lands, facilities, and water areas in coordination with other project purposes; execution of agreements before providing lands, facilities, and project modifications The Secretary is authorized, in conjunction with any reservoir heretofore constructed by him pursuant to the Federal reclamation laws or any reservoir which is otherwise under his control, except reservoirs within national wildlife refuges, to investigate, plan, construct, operate and maintain, or otherwise provide for public outdoor recreation and fish and wildlife enhancement facilities, to acquire or otherwise make available such adjacent lands or interests therein as are necessary for public outdoor recreation or fish and wildlife use, and to provide for public use and enjoyment of project lands, facilities, and water areas in a manner coordinated with the other project purposes.

Lands, facilities and project modifications for the purposes of this subsection may be provided only after an agreement in accordance with subsection (b) or (c) of section 460l-14 of this title has been executed."
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