Building Capacity of the Public Health System to Improve Population Health through National, Nonprofit Organizations, financed in part by 2017 Prevention and Public Health Funds

CDC announces a supplemental funding opportunity for the 26 national, nonprofit organizations that previously were awarded under the CDC-RFA-OT13-1302 FOA:
"Building Capacity of the Public Health System to Improve Population Health through National, Nonprofit Organizations." The 26 grantees


are eligible to submit applications for new FY 2017 CIO Project Plans according to the Target Population Category (A, B, or C) for which they received initial funding in FY201 3. This supplemental funding opportunity permits awardees to strengthen the public health infrastructure and improve the performance of governmental and nongovernmental components of the public health system.

Public health system refers to "activities undertaken within the formal structure of government and the associated efforts of private and voluntary organizations and individuals" (Institute of Medicine, 1988).

The purpose of the supplemental FOA is to ensure provision of capacity-building assistance (CBA) to optimize the quality and performance of public health systems, workforce, data and information systems, evidenced-based practices and services, partnerships, and resources.

CBA is defined as the development and strengthening of human and organizational resources and systems.

It involves enhancing the performance of functions, problem-solving, and achievement of objectives at individual, institutional and societal levels.

It encompasses activities such as technical assistance, training, information sharing, technology transfer, materials development, or funding that enables an organization to better serve its population or to operate in a more comprehensive, responsive, and effective manner.This supplemental FOA provides funding for CBA activities with target populations under three headings:
Category A:
Governmental Public Health Departments; Category B:
Workforce Segments across Governmental Public Health Departments; and Category C:
Other Governmental and Nongovernmental Public Health Components.

The applicant's CBA program is expected to demonstrate measurable progress among governmental and nongovernmental components of the public health system towards two or more of the following outcomes:
1) increased adoption of new or proven business improvements leading to management and administrative efficiencies or cost savings; 2) increased availability and accessibility of continuing education and training focused on public health competencies and new skills, including the use of experience-based internships and fellowships; 3) increased incorporation of core public health competencies into employee position descriptions and performance evaluations; 4) increased integration of state-of-the-art technology into data collection and information systems; 5) increased implementation of evidence-based public health programs, policies, and services; 6) improved capacity to meet nationally established standards, such as those for health department accreditation; 7) establishment and maintenance of diverse public health partnerships for meaningful cooperation and achievement of evidence-based public health strategies and interventions, such as the CDC Winnable Battles; and 8) improved quality, availability, and accessibility of public health education materials, training, and evaluation tools and resources.
Agency: Centers for Disease Control - OSTLTS


Estimated Funding: $39,787,973

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Note that only the 26 national, nonprofit organizations that were previously awarded under the CDC-RFA-OT13-1302 FOA: "Building Capacity of the Public Health System to Improve Population Health through National, Nonprofit Organizations" are eligible to submit applications under this Funding Opportunity Announcement, CDC-RFA-OT13-13020502SUPP17.The eligible applicants must have nonprofit 501(c)(3) status or nonprofit 501(c)(6) status, other than institutions of higher education.

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