2020 Supplemental Budget Request

2019 MFP budgets were funded in one of three ways:
(1) using funding remaining under the state’s 2016 award; (2) new funding made available under the Medicaid Extenders Act of 2019 for MFP programs continuing MFP transitions; or (3) a combination of both funding from the 2016 award and new Medicaid


Extenders Act funding.

2020 MFP budgets will also be funded under one of the above described scenarios, depending on whether or not your MFP program chooses to continue transitions in 2020 or opts to initiate or finalize close-out of its respective MFP program.

Please note that any grantee with active 2020 MFP transition programs that require funding after September 30, 2020, including programs that are monitoring and tracking individuals who transitioned to the community in 2019 but are no longer transitioning individuals in 2020 under MFP, will need to request additional funding.

This will be done through CMS’s annual budget review process for each grantee.

An annual determination of available funding for each grantee will need to be made for CY 2020 and CY 2021 based on each grantee’s past spending performance for transitions and administrative activities, as was done for CY 2019 budget requests.

The maximum 2020 MFP budget allocation for each respective MFP grantee has been determined based on the highest annual budget expenditure between the years 2016-201 9. In 2020, CMS will provide additional information on available funding for CY 2021 and CY 2022 for qualified HCBS service costs for 2020 MFP transitions, administrative activities, and close-out activities.

Maximum CY 2021 award amounts will be determined based on the availability of funding.

As stated, the 2020 funding levels have been determined and will be sent out on a separate email no later than Wednesday, November 20, 201 9.
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2020 Supplemental Budget Request

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