Cooperative Agreements with Technical Assistance Providers for the Fiscal Year 2023 Thriving Communities Program

This Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) continues investment in a national technical assistance program and provides new opportunities for state-, Tribal-, local-, and regional-level community support through the Thriving Communities Regional Pilot Program that will drive innovation, advance equity


outcomes, and build a national pipeline of community-driven infrastructure projects.

The Thriving Communities Program will offer deep-dive technical assistance to through cooperative agreements with eligible entities.

Entities awarded a cooperative agreement will be "capacity builders" that will directly assist local governments that request technical assistance.

Priority is given to assisting communities that are disadvantaged and/or transportation burdened or those that have limited technical capacity or budgets.

The intent of technical assistance is to plan for, prepare, secure funding for, and deliver transformative infrastructure projects.

Eligible TCP capacity builders should propose strategies to provide deep-dive technical assistance, planning and capacity building and build a robust Community of Practice involving diverse transportation and community stakeholders.

Specifically, this includes facilitating the scoping, planning, development and delivery of transportation and community revitalization activities supported by DOT under titles 23, 46, and 49, United States Code, that increase mobility, reduce pollution from transportation sources, expand affordable transportation options, facilitate efficient land use, preserve or expand jobs, improve housing conditions, enhance connections to health care, education, and food security, or improve health outcomes.

For FY23, the Department expects to award two different types of cooperative agreements through this NOFO, with up to $22 million total being available for award:
TCP-National Capacity Builder cooperative agreements are anticipated to be in the range of $4-5 million each.

Each National Capacity Builder will provide support to 15-20 communities selected by DOT.

A National Capacity Builder may specialize in a specific subject area to create a national community of practice.

Communities assigned to a National Capacity Builder will be located across the country.

Up to five awards are expected for National Capacity Builders.

TCP-Regional Capacity Builder cooperative agreements are anticipated to be in the range of $1-2 million each.

Regional Capacity Builders will work with communities located in a specific region.

The Regional Capacity Builder will identify the communities to receive technical assistance.

Regional Capacity Builders are not forecasted to specialize on any one subject area.

Up to five awards are expected for Regional Capacity Builders.

Agency: Department of Transportation

Office: 69A345 Office of the Under Secretary for Policy

Estimated Funding: $22,000,000

Who's Eligible

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Additional Information of Eligibility:
For the TCP-N Capacity Builders, eligible lead applicants are non-profit organizations, philanthropic entities, and other technical assistance providers including but not limited to for-profit organizations and academic institutions, with a demonstrated capacity to develop and provide technical assistance, planning, and capacity building to a range of communities located across multiple states and regions (i.e., applicants must demonstrate capacity to provide support at a national level, not just within specific regions or geographies).

For the TCP-R, eligible lead applicants are state governments and their agencies; local governments and their agencies; Tribal governments; regional, Tribal, or Statewide planning non-profit organizations; and governmental planning, economic development, or transportation organization working at the regional or metropolitan level involved with transportation issues.

For communities seeking to receive technical assistance support funded by this program, a separate Call for Letters of Interest us available at

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