BSEE Experienced Services Program

BSEE is authorized under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022:
Public Law 117-103, Division G- Department of the Interior (DOI), Environment, and Related Agencies, Title I.

Section 111, to enter into cooperative agreements with, private nonprofit organizations designated by the Secretary


of Labor under Title V of the Older Americans Act of 1965 to utilize the talents of older Americans in programs authorized by other provisions of law administered by the Secretary and consistent with such provisions of law.

By law, Experienced Workers Program (ESP) enrollees cannot displace or reduce the non-overtime hours, wages, or employment benefits of any Department of the Interior employees; perform work of Department of the Interior employees who are in a layoff status from the same or a substantially equivalent job or function; or affect existing contracts for services.

Participants are not Federal employees.

The ESP program allows agencies to enter into agreements with non-profit organizations to provide opportunities to qualified individuals 55 years of age and older who have specific technical skills and abilities not available or underrepresented at current staffing levels.

Partnering with a qualified nonprofit organization(s) is a cost-effective human capital tool designed to obtain the services of experience workers age 55 and older on a temporary basis through a cooperative agreement to assist the BSEE in reaching its priorities and strategic goals.

This allows the BSEE to focus on identifying its need for specific expertise while not having to dedicate time and resources to recruit, hire and directly administer those resources.

Qualified individuals who are a part of the ESP will support the BSEE on projects related to Renewable Energy, Decommissioning, Well Intervention, and others.

These projects will enable the BSEE to carry out its mission to promote safety, protect the environment, and conserve resources offshore through vigorous regulatory oversight and enforcement.

ESP participants will provide technical assistance and support to the BSEE in developing and executing projects that benefit the general public and provide support to BSEE employees.

Who's Eligible

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The following entities are eligible to apply for an award under this announcement.  Failure to meet eligibility requirements will preclude the BSEE from making an award.  Eligible applicant types are: This program is limited to qualified nonprofit organizations subject to 26 U.S.C.

501(c)(3) of the tax code (26 U.S.C.

501(c)(3) and must be designated by the Secretary of Labor under Title V of the Older Americans Act of 1965.

Applicants must submit proof of establishment with the application.  

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