Predominantly Black Institutions Competitive Grant Program CFDA Number 382A

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Purpose of Program:
The purpose of the PBI Program is to strengthen Predominantly Black Institutions (PBIs) to carry out programs in the following areas:
science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM); health education; internationalization or globalization; teacher preparation; or improving educational outcomes of African- American males.

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Department of Education

Agency: Department of Education


Estimated Funding: $13,920,000

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Predominantly Black Institutions Competitive Grant Program CFDA Number 382A

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Eligible Applicants: To qualify as an eligible institution under the PBI Program, an institution of higher education (IHE) must--(a) Have an enrollment of needy students, as defined by section 371(c)(3) of the HEA (20 U.S.C.


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