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For the addresses for obtaining and submitting an application, please refer to our Revised Common Instructions for Applicants to Department of Education Discretionary Grant Programs, published in the Federal Register on December 27, 202 1. Purpose of Program:
The major purposes of the CSP are to expand opportunities for all students, particularly underserved students, to attend charter schools and meet challenging State academic standards; provide financial assistance for the planning, program design, and initial implementation of charter schools; increase the number of high-quality charter schools available to students across the United States; evaluate the impact of charter schools on student achievement, families, and communities; share best practices between charter schools and other public schools; aid States in providing facilities support to charter schools; and support efforts to strengthen the charter school authorizing process.

Through CSP Developer Grants, the Department provides financial assistance to charter school developers to enable them to open and prepare for the operation of new or replicated charter schools or to expand high-quality charter schools in States that do not currently have a CSP State Entity grant under the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965 (ESEA).

Charter schools that receive financial assistance through Developer Grants provide programs of elementary or secondary education, or both, and may also serve students in early childhood education programs or postsecondary students.

Assistance Listing Number (ALN) 8 4. 282E.
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Agency: Department of Education

Office: Department of Education

Estimated Funding: $4,000,000

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Charter School Programs (CSP): Charter School Programs (CSP): Grants to Charter School Developers for The Replication and Expansion of High-Quality Charter Schools, ALN 84.282E; Notice

Additional Information of Eligibility:

Eligible Applicants: Eligible applicants are developers that have-- (a) Applied to an authorized public chartering authority to operate a charter school; and (b) Provided adequate and timely notice to that authority.

(Section 4310(6) of the ESEA).

Additionally, the charter school must be located in a State with a State statute specifically authorizing the establishment of charter schools (as defined in section 4310(2) of the ESEA) and in which a State entity currently does not have a CSP State Entity grant (Assistance Listing Number 84.282A) under section 4303 of the ESEA.

(Section 4305(a)(2) of the ESEA) Eligibility in a State with a CSP SEA grant (Assistance Listing Number 84.282A) under the ESEA, as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), is limited to grants for replication and expansion (Assistance Listing Number 84.282E) and only if the Department has not approved an amendment to the SEA’s approved grant application authorizing the SEA to make subgrants for replication and expansion.

As a general matter, the Secretary considers charter schools that have been in operation for more than five years to be past the initial implementation phase and, therefore, ineligible to receive CSP funds under Assistance Listing Number 84.282B to support the opening of a new charter school or under Assistance Listing Number 84.282E for the replication of a high-quality charter school; however, such schools may receive CSP funds under Assistance Listing Number 84.282E for the expansion of a high-quality charter school.

Note: If you are a nonprofit organization, under 34 CFR 75.51, you may demonstrate your nonprofit status by providing (1) proof that the Internal Revenue Service currently recognizes the applicant as an organization to which contributions are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; (2) a statement from a State taxing body or the State attorney general certifying that the organization is a nonprofit organization operating within the State and that no part of its net earnings may lawfully benefit any private shareholder or individual; (3) a certified copy of the applicant's certificate of incorporation or similar document if it clearly establishes the nonprofit status of the applicant; (4) any item described above if that item applies to a State or national parent organization, together with a statement by the State or parent organization that the applicant is a local nonprofit affiliate; or (5) for an entity that holds a sincerely held religious belief that it cannot apply for a determination as an entity that is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, evidence sufficient to establish that the entity would otherwise qualify as a nonprofit organization under (1) through (4) above.

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