Fair Housing Initiatives Program - Private Enforcement Initiative

HUD is making available through this Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI) NOFA $7,897,458 for Fair Housing Initiative Programs.

Additional funds may become available for award under this NOFA as a result of HUD's efforts to recapture unused funds, use carryover funds, or because of


the availability of additional appropriated funds.

Use of these funds will be subject to statutory constraints.

All awards are subject to the applicable funding restrictions described in the General Section and to those contained in this NOFA.

Funding for additional years beyond FY2016 is subject to the availability of appropriations.

FHIP funds are used to increase compliance with the Fair Housing Act.

This year, funding is available under three Initiatives:
Private Enforcement (PEI), Fair Housing Organization (FHOI) and Education and Outreach (EOI) Initiatives.

However, for FY2016, funding for each initiative is listed under a separate NOFA.

Applicants must apply under the correct NOFA to be considered for funding.

Additionally, if an applicant is eligible and applying for funding under separate initiatives and/or components, the applicant must submit a separate application under the correct NOFA for each component the applicant applies.

This NOFA will consider applicants applying under PEI only.

The following is a general description of the Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI) and each PEI component (see chart in section III.


for all PEI eligibility requirements):
Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI).

This Initiative provides funding to private, non-profit fair housing enforcement organizations that meet statutory requirements to investigate violations and obtain enforcement of the rights granted under the Fair Housing Act or State or local laws that provide rights and remedies for discriminatory housing practices that are substantially equivalent to the rights and remedies provided in the Fair Housing Act.

PEI applicants may be funded under the following component based on eligibility:
Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI) - $7,897,458 (1) Multi-Year Funding Component (PEI-MYFC) Total PEI Multi-Year Funding (PEI-MYFC) is $29,375,000 minus $22,452,542 already reserved for FY 2014 and FY 2015 Multi-year grantees), therefore making $6,922,458 available for FY2016 new awardees.

(2) Lending Component (PEI-L) - $975,000 Applicants may apply for funding under each FHIP NOFA as long as the applicant meets the specific eligibility requirements for each Initiative/Component, and in accordance with the funding restrictions listed in each NOFA.

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Department of Housing and Urban Development

Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development


Estimated Funding: $7,897,458

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Under the PEI NOFA, eligible applicants must be Qualified Fair Housing Enforcement Organizations (QFHOs) or Fair Housing Enforcement Organizations (FHOs).

If an organization does not meet the eligibility requirements for the PEI (current QFHO or FHO), the organization may be an eligible to apply under the Education and Outreach Initiative (FR-6000-N-21A) or Fair Housing Organizations Initiative (FR-6000-N-21B) NOFAs.

Please see those NOFAs for specific eligibility requirements.

Individuals, foreign entities, and sole proprietorship organizations are not eligible to compete for, or receive, awards made under this announcement.

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