Healthy Lifestyles in Youth

The purpose of this program is to support the Indian Health Service (IHS) mission to improve the health of American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN youth through health promotion and health education programs.

The goal of this IHS cooperative agreement is to address healthy lifestyle development and

emphasize nutrition and physical activity for AI/AN children and youth 7 through 11 years of age.

To do this, the awardee must meet the following objectives:• Collaborate with selected Native American Boys and Girls Club sites, via a grant application process;• Provide health and physical education programs; • Help youth achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles through participation in fitness programs; • Help youth acquire a range of physical skills; and • Help youth develop a sense of teamwork and cooperation.

These early intervention strategies provide evidence based opportunities to reduce and/or halt the increasing trend of obesity and diabetes among youth and young adults.

Native Boys and Girls Clubs that develop a health promotion program that includes the "Together Raising Awareness for Indian Life" (TRAIL) curriculum may help curtail the effects of unhealthy eating behaviors and lack of physical activity that can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases later in life.

The TRAIL curriculum was developed to provide information on good nutrition and to promote physical activity among youth participating in Native American Boys and Girls Clubs.

The TRAIL curriculum is a 3-month (12 lessons) program that provides youth with a comprehensive understanding of healthy lifestyles in order to prevent diabetes.

Woven throughout the program are self-esteem and prevention activities.

Participants draw from Tribal traditions and history to learn about nutrition, healthy food choices, media influences, and the impact of diabetes.

The TRAIL curriculum emphasizes the importance of teamwork and community service.

Members engage in service projects to improve healthy lifestyles in their communities, including starting community gardens to connect youth to their food source and organizing community-wide physical fitness events.
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