BLM OR/WA Community Assistance in Wildland Urban Interface

The Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Fuels Treatment program was set up to provide assistance to communities at risk from catastrophic wildland fires in support of the National Fire Plan.

Goals of the program were to:
Develop community programs to expand local capability including:

and planning mitigation activities, and community and homeowner education; Planning and implementing hazardous fuels reduction activities including the monitoring and maintenance associated with such hazardous fuels reduction activities that mitigate the threat of fire to communities and natural resources in high risk areas; Enhancing local and small business employment opportunities in rural communities; and Enhancing the knowledge of fire protection capability of rural fire districts by providing assistance in education, training, and mitigation methods.

This program would implement and maintain greater coordination among local, state, and federal land management agencies and private landowners to effectively prioritize hazardous fuels treatments, and provide the framework for reducing the risks and consequences of wildland fire to the community.

This program includes planning and implementing hazardous fuels reduction treatments, and monitoring and providing input on the effectiveness and quality of work being performed on or adjacent to federal lands, and working with land owners and public regarding the benefits of fire prevention and mitigation.
Agency: Department of the Interior

Office: Bureau of Land Management

Estimated Funding: $95,000

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