American Instructors for English Lounge Series Program at the American Spaces Korea (seven American Spaces)


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The U. S. Embassy Seoul of the U. S. Department of State announces an open competition for individuals to submit applications to plan and carry out an English Lounge Series program at American Spaces in Korea.

Please follow all instructions below.



Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Pyeongtaek, Gangneung, and Jeju Please be sure to indicate which region you are applying for by prefacing the application title with one of the codes below and carefully follow the instructions in this document.

Location, American Space Name (Code) Seoul, American Center Korea (SeoulACK) Busan, Busan American Corner (BusanAC) Daegu, Daegu American Corner (DaeguAC) Gwangju, Gwangju American Corner (GwangjuAC) Pyeongtaek, Pyeongtaek American Corner (PyeongataekAC) Gangneung, Gangneung American Corner (GangneungAC) Jeju, Jeju American Corner (JejuAC) Program Objectives:
The American Spaces Korea network serves as the main program platform at the U. S. Embassy Seoul.

Currently there are seven American Spaces - one American Center Korea (located in the Embassy Annex in Seoul) and six American Corners in Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Pyeongtaek, Gangneung, and Jeju.

One of the key programs at American Spaces is the English language program, which is delivered through a program series called English Lounge.

The English Lounge Series is a programming vehicle for the Embassy to foster communication with emerging voices both in and outside of Seoul.

The goal of the program is for Koreans to gain a better understanding of U. S. policy, culture, and society while practicing their English.

The topic of each program session will be drawn from PD priorities as identified in the section-wide strategic planning process.

English Lounge grantees will conduct sessions monthly at the American Center Korea and bi-weekly at the six American Corners from October 2021 to September 2022 for a year.

There will be a total of 24 sessions at each of the six American Corners and 12 sessions at the American Center Korea.

· Specific goals include:
1. Participant’s understanding of topics related to U. S. society, culture, policy, and U.S.-ROK relations will increase by 30%.

2. Participants will learn at least two reliable web resources from USG or U. S. organization for each topic so that they can get accurate information about U. S. society and culture.

3. Participants will have a motivation to create a sustainable network/engagement with the American instructor and American Spaces team.

At least 25% of participants after the first session will be recurring.

At least 20% after the first session will have been referred by a friend/word-of-mouth.

4. Participants’ English vocabulary on key issues will increase by 30% (tested at the beginning and end of the session).

Instructors will prepare thematic teaching materials; lead participants to practice conversational English; discuss current issues; help participants learn more about U.S.-ROK relations, U. S. policy, history, culture, and society; share American ideas and values.

Instructors also lead interactive discussion with participants and share ideas.

*Program format may be flexible (virtual or in-person program) depending on the COVID-19 situation in Republic of Korea.

* Estimated Budget:
- One individual grantee for American Center Korea:
$3,750 Honorarium $250 * 12 sessions = $3,000, material allowance:
$250, travel allowance:
$5,00) - One individual grantee for American Corners:
$7,500 (Honorarium $250 x 24 sessions =$6,000, material allowance:
$500, travel allowance:
$1,000) Participants and Audiences:
Korean youth and young professionals (18-35 years of age) who are interested in learning about U. S. culture, English, and studying in the U. S. including but limited to undergraduate students, graduate students, English debate club students, English teachers, student journalists, civil society activists, entrepreneurs, and State Department exchange program alumni.

Please visit the link provided below and refer to details addressed in the full NOFO announcement.

Agency: Department of State

Office: U.S. Mission to South Korea

Estimated Funding: $48,750

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
NOFO announcement details

Additional Information of Eligibility:
U. S. colleges and universities (including minority serving institutions, community colleges, and women’s colleges)

Full Opportunity Web Address:


Agency Email Description:
Representative contact email account

Agency Email:

Date Posted:

Application Due Date:

Archive Date:

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